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Environment Of T20 World Cup Between India Pakistan

24 October, i.e., tomorrow is a very big day for cricket lovers. India’s first match in T20 World Cup is going to be with Pakistan. The great enthusiasm of this match can be seen in the cricket lovers. The T20 World Cup starts on 17 October. In this, India is going to face Pakistan in the first match. This match will be played in Dubai on 24 October. The people of India and Pakistan are eagerly waiting for this T20 match. Also, this match of India Pakistan is going to be very strong. The Indian team, which has a 100 percent victory against Pakistan, is looking very excited. So far, India has won all the matches played in the T20 World Cup of India Vs Pakistan. Perhaps this is why the Indian team will land on the pitch with full confidence.

T20 world cup between india pakistan
source: telegraph India

Price of Tickets of T20 World Cup

There have been five matches in the T20 World Cup of India vs Pakistan so far, and India has got success five times. That’s why Indian fans are full of enthusiasm about this match. It can also be guessed that fans sold out the tickets for this match within a few hours. The match will be held in Dubai, so if you talk about UAE, then the lowest priced tickets are available at 600 Dhiram. Fans have spent lakhs of rupees to watch this T20 World Cup of India Vs Pakistan. You will also be surprised to know that match tickets are sold up to 333 times more expensive.

Talking about Indian currency, the cost of the most expensive ticket is around Rs 2 lakh. Prices of different stands are different, starting tickets of which are available for Rs 12,500. Apart from this, Fans Premium and Platinum Stand tickets are being sold for Rs 31,200 and Rs 54,100. The tickets for all these three categories are almost exhausted. The prices of Sky Box and VIP Suite are not yet shown on the official website. It means that these tickets also have been completely exhausted.

History of T20 world Cup Between India and Pakistan

Now you must have got an idea of how much enthusiasm remains among the people about the T20 World Cup between India and Pakistan. The last T20 match was played in India in 2016. Then the West Indies team won the title for the record second time. This match between India Pakistan to be played in Dubai is going to be played tomorrow. In this, Indian fans are completely sure that India will win the match as usual. Let us now tell you when the T20 match has been played between India and Pakistan.

T20 world cup between India and pakistan


In that T20 match held in 2007, India, batting first, scored 141 runs for 9 wickets. Here Pakistan had scored the same run for 7 wickets. Thus the match was tied, and the match reached the ball out. After that, India won this match. In this way, India got its first victory in the T20 match against Pakistan. Both these teams reached the final, where India scored 157 runs for 5 wickets. But Pakistan’s team was all out for 152 runs, and Team India created history by winning the T20 World Cup title for the first time.


India and Pakistan next clashed in the 2012 T20 World Cup. Batting first, the Indian team took Pakistan, including 128 runs. Then the Indian team won by losing 2 wickets in the 17th over with their brilliant batting.


The next match between India and Pakistan was held in 2014, where batting first, Pakistan’s team could only score 130 runs for the loss of 7 wickets. Then, India chased down an easy target in 18.3 overs for 3 wickets and won against Pakistan.

2016 T20 World Cup Between India Pakistan

Pakistan had to face defeat once again in the T20 World Cup between India Pakistan in 2016. In that match, Pakistan’s team could score only 118 runs for 5 wickets. India chased down the target in 15.5 overs for the loss of 4 wickets and maintained the winning record against Pakistan.

In this way, India has won every time in five T20 matches between India and Pakistan. And now the fans of India and Pakistan are waiting for tomorrow’s match. Hopefully, the Indian team will be able to make a big score against Pakistan while working their record on this.

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