Tuesday, November 28

Encryption Software To Protect Your Files

Nowadays we are living in a different world. We can call that world a digital world. If there is some secret file on our Computer Or Mobile then we are always afraid that no one will open it.  In this era, we need to secure our documents which are available online.  For this, you have to encrypt your file. This encryption secures your file from hackers. So you can download some apps for encryption. If you are worried about your data’s security then these apps can help you to Secure Your Data.


What is Encryption?

Encryption is the process where information and data files change into unreadable forms by using algorithms. In another word, protecting the data by using code is encryption. If the data is encrypted for a while then no one excess this without a password. Generally, people think that the use of encryption is very difficult. But it is not like that. It is very simple to use encryption.


Let me introduce you to some encrypted apps and software:

AxCrypt:-  This is encryption software. This is designed especially for small teams and individuals. It is a powerful software that can provide you with all types of tools so that to protect and files and documents. It is available on paid as well as the free version.

Folder lock:- this software can also use to protect the files. This can provide bulletproof data for individuals. Also, this keeps securing your personal files, photos, videos, contacts, notes, audio, recordings, etc. This can hide that files from the system.

AesCrypt:– This supports the windows. With the help of this software, big files can be easily encrypted. For this, you have to set your password. Those who do have not the password, will not be able to open that files.

Mini lock:- This is advanced software. If you can encrypt your files then you need more than one password to open. This is a chrome extension. If you want to encrypt any files then you will have to browse.

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