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Emerging Stars Of Indian Hip Hop Scene, Rap music

You may have heard a variety of genre represented on the Indian music scene. Hip hop has been a fairly calm player, that is, until now. We take you on a voyage through the rising stars of Indian hip hop scene and rap music.

Have a look on these Famous Indian Hip Hop, Rap music Artist-

Abhishek aka “Ace”

Indian Hip Hop music

The ‘King of Mumbai rap’ and one of the co-founders of Mumbai’s finest which is among one of the first crews in the city, Abhishek “Ace” believes that hip-hop is the best thing that happened to him. His group is intensely influenced by old school rap; their music addresses genuine issues of the suburbia, and they have successfully dropped an album called Mumbai Till I Die this year which gained positive reviews from hip-hop fans. Ace is additionally longing for seeking after an MBA as an afterthought alongside his primary concentrate on promoting the hip-hop scene in the city. He believes that the hip-hop scene is steadily growing; unlike previously, the number of rappers in the small pockets of the city is also increasing, however, he wails over the act of practicing Indian rap,  altogether to a Western style.

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Arif Chaudhri aka Flying Machine

Indian Hip Hop rap music -Arif

Arif is one of the best B-Boying artists in the scene. Arif represented India at the Red BULL BC 2009 Championship held in South Korea. A true B-Boy by heart, he named himself Flying Machine because of his love for the B-Boy flip move. He alongside his fellow B-Boys Sonic, Ninja and Mike 62 runs a crew called ‘Beast Mode’ (Born Ethical Abilities on Streets). He has also won a number of awards for B-Boying competitions. His musical influences include Compton-based MC Kendrick Lamar and Jay-Z .

Prathmesh Gaurav aka Zake

Hip Hop music

Zake is a graffiti instigator and enthusiast who believes that spray graffiti is a great deal more than just an art, He considers it as a ‘War’. Working mostly on the streets of Mumbai, Zake describes it as a nerve wrecking task to paint while escaping from any legal trouble from cops and the building owners. While graffiti is still generally a new concept in India, Zake considers’s himself as a graffiti artist with principles, and avoid painting on landmarks or shrines, but paints government buildings instead . He is also part of the crew at both DIS and Beat Mode.

Aklesh Sutar aka Mawali

Indian Hip Hop rap music Mawali

For MC Mawali (real name Aklesh Sutar) embracing the local term for hooligan and using it as a stage name was just the beginning. He believes that what he is today is because of his frequent bullying experiences at school which led him to relieve his stress by doing word play and writing verses. His inspirations are surprising as he is fond of Swami Vivekananda’s writings and has the ability to engage anyone in a conversation related to metaphysics or theology. He is an emerging rap artist with a bright future.

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Kinga Rhymes aka Sahir Nawab

Indian Hip Hop rap music

Sahir was born in a household that is in the film business, he calls himself Kinga Rhymes aka Cynical Phantom, and like his well-known lyricist dad, he loves playing with words more than other things. He integrates street slang from Millat Nagar into his music. Unlike most rappers, Sahir uses his music to bring recognition to drug problems and is a powerful adversary of drug use and hedonism.

MC Todfod Aka Dharmesh Parmar

Indian Hip Hop rap music

A Gujarati rapper, as well as the only one in the game right now, Dharmesh is a Naigaon (City in Maharashtra) boy, raised in a bustling chawl which offers tons of raw materials and inspiration for his music. This Indian hip hop star composes on gritty and sensitive subjects, including police violence to political corruption. He prefers to make rap music in Gujarati over English to stay true to his voice and his fans. If there is one artist on this list that will make you sit up and take notice, Dharmesh is the one.

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