Wednesday, October 4


Bamboo is a natural resource.  It had wide economic and cultural significance. In terms of number and vigor, no grown plant has as many uses as bamboo. It gives three-time more as compared to other plants. Not only stems, but their leaves are also very important. It is the fastest growing plant on earth. it has its economic as well as medicinal value.


Bamboo can be planted in traditional as well as non-traditional methods;

  • Traditional method- Traditional method of planting are based on seed and budding methods.
  • Non-traditional method-  Non-traditional methods of planting are based on cutting like cutting the root,  culm cutting, branch cutting, etc. it is also planting by tissue culture.

Bamboo is a plant that does not need more air water as well as sunlight. It can be planted anywhere like farm bunds, cattle ranches, barren lands, etc. Now it is cultivated. By the way, it can be cultivated in any season but cultivated at the beginning of the rainy season is good. It is enough to give 36 degrees Celsius temperature and 1279 mm rainfall.


Economic importance

  • Use for making furniture and decorating products
  • Use in the formation of ladder, mats, etc
  • Useful in making roof, huts, etc
  • Useful in the formation of matchstick, incense stick, paper, etc

Medicinal importance

  • Bamboo is especially used for the disorder of hot phlegm that coats or obstructs the ‘orifice of the heart’ affecting the brain functions.
  • It is used for epilepsy, fainting, and loss of consciousness in feverish diseases.
  • Its leaves and shavings are commonly used in case of stomach heat, providing cooling effects.
  • Drinking a decoction of bamboo bud gets rid of the breathing-related problems.
  • By eating bamboo, help to control diabetes.
  • The first stem of bamboo was used in the making of medicine for blood pressure and cholesterol.

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