Saturday, September 23

Drone Attack: Are We Able To Stop It?

For the first time in the country, a terrorist drone attack has been carried out. Because of this, there is panic in both the government and the army. Terrorist drone attack on Jammu Air Force Station is a very serious incident. However, no one was hurt in this attack.  This has raised questions on the security system of the country as well as on the different tactics adopted by the terrorists.

drone attack

It is not that the country’s air security system is inferior in any way. The Air Force of our country has made elaborate security arrangements using high technology.  But the low-tech and low-cost drone terror attack has alarmed everyone. This means that terrorists are using different methods as well as low-cost technology. 

Need technology to stop drone attack

Jammu air force station is about 15 km from India Pakistan International Border. And from there many drones keep going across the border. Now it is a bit difficult to find out which of these is a terrorist drone. However, this is not the first time that a drone attack has taken place in any country. Such terrorist attacks have been taking place in many other countries of the world. But large countries such as America, Japan, Russia have a high level of technical capability.  In India too, now the same technology will have to be used so that such an attack can be thwarted. 

In this case, now the Indian Army is importing small Israeli drones. They can be used on guns and weapons.  With this, attackers can target small drone attacks day or night. 

drone attack

One thing becomes clear from this that any terrorist of India’s army is afraid of coming forward. And maybe that’s why they used drones instead of humans.  And now like our army, the country’s technology also has to be strong so that the different methods adopted by the terrorists can be thwarted.

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