Wednesday, October 4

Dragon Man: A New Discovery In Human History

The history of mankind is explored with the help of ancient documents, artifacts, tools, buildings, tombs, bones, dialects, etc. Also, a DNA test has helped to know about the history of human life. Until now Neanderthals and Homo Erectus were thoughts to be closest to humans. But now, researchers of China gave knowledge about an ancient skull which can bound to write the human history again. They claim that this skull is totally different from the other species of humans. They named this species  “Dragon Man”.

Dragon Man

According to them, the size of the skull is bigger than the other skull.  This skull is at least 1.46 lakh years old. The pit was more in its eyes, the size of the eyebrows was also wider. While both the mouth and the teeth were big.  Researchers believe that the cranium skull is that of a male human. The age can be close to fifty years. They say that it may have lived in a flooded forest area.

Professor Xiang Chi of Bebei Jiao says that the importance of this skull is that it has a mixture of ancient as well as modern characteristics. Due to this, it is totally different from other human species. According to scientists, he would be the strongest. But there is no more knowledge about where he lived.

 In the year 1933, a chinese labour found this skull, when he was working on a pool passing on Harbin. At that time, this area was under the control of the Japanese. That Chinese labour thought that it may be a priceless thing. So, he hid that skull in his well.  After 80 years he told his family about the skull before his death. After this, this skull was in the hands of scientists.

The scientists of china name this skull “Homo Longi”. In the Chinese language, the meaning of Longi is “Dragon”. The study was published as three papers in The Innovation Journal.

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