Donald Trump imitated PM Modi, said - he is a 'beautiful person'
Wednesday, March 22

Donald Trump imitated PM Modi, said – he is a ‘beautiful person’

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President Donald Trump has once again targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the high tax imposed on the import of American companies. With Harley Davidson bike which is imported  in India. During this, Trump also imitated PM Modi.

Donald Trump

Image: The Nation

See the Twitter post by ANI:

For the first time, the President trump has not expressed his displeasure over the high taxes imposed on the Harley Davidson bike, but even before that he had raised the question on this issue. Trump reiterated his resentment and said that America has not received anything from the 100 percent to 50 percent reduction in tax.

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Addressing the Governor of White House in the White House, Donald Trump said, “I think PM Modi is a great man.” They called me and said that I have reduced the tax by 50 percent. I said okay but still we are not getting anything from it.

President Trump, imitating PM Modi, said that he is a beautiful person. He said in a very beautiful way that I want to tell you that we have already taxed it at 75 percent but now it has reduced it further to 50.Trump said that what am I supposed to say, Am I supposed to be thrilled?

Modi is known to have friendly relationship with all the countries. He visit all the countries to make good relationship with India. He is adored and is a global leader. Should this effect his relationship with Trump? Time will only tell us.

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