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Do You Want To Know About Chocolates?

Hearing the name of chocolates, everyone’s mouth waters. In today’s generation, whether children or old people, everyone loves chocolate, especially dark chocolates.  People like it so much that many dishes have been made using it. Such as Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Biryani, Chocolate Ice Cream, chocolate Maggy, chocolate roll, chocolate custard, and many more.  Today we will know about this delicious chocolate, where it was first used. and how is it all over the world?

chocolate cupcake

History Of Chocolates

A tree was discovered 2000 years ago in the rain forests of America. The name of that tree was given as cocoa. The seeds in the pods of this tree had a very bitter taste. According to sources, the people of Mexico and Central America did some experiments to bring flavor to it. For this, they ‘fermented’ it. After that, it tasted delicious. When Spain occupied Mexico in 1528, the King took large quantities of cocoa seeds and chocolate-making machines with him to Spain.

chocolates seed

In the 1600s, an Italian traveler, Francisco Carletti, saw Indians from Central America making chocolates.  Then, he also used chocolate in his home country of Italy. The people there also liked chocolate very much. Chocolate became famous in Italy in 1606. After that, chocolate was introduced in France in 1615 and in England in 1650.Till that time people only used to drink chocolate as a cold drink. Because of its bitterness, no recipe was made for it. The people of America used to make a spicy and frothy tart beverage by grinding cocoa seeds and adding various spices like chili water, vanilla, etc.

Chocolate drink

After a few years, an English doctor, Sir Hans Sloane, visited South America. He tasted the chocolate there. He thought of making a recipe for it.  Then, he floated not one but many recipes of chocolate. You will be surprised to know that this doctor made the recipe for Cadbury Milk Chocolate.


After that, the recipe of chocolate gradually failed all over the world. Even today, people go to some places to eat, so the first choice of most people is a dish of chocolate.

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