Thursday, October 5

Do You Know That Even Animals Were Prosecuted?

Today we are going to tell you such a thing, which you will be surprised to read. Till about 500 years ago, it was believed by humans that animals and animals and birds also have rights and duties like humans. Therefore, if any animal, bird, etc. did not perform their duties, then they were punished like humans and even animals were prosecuted.

Even Animals Were Prosecuted?

Let me tell you some funny incidents related to this.

Once in Germany, there was a case against a chicken. His fault was that he had shouted loudly in the night before dawn. Due to which there was interference in the sleep of some people. The rooster was brought to the court and put in the courtroom. His lawyer gave many arguments to prove him innocent but he could not be saved. Then that chicken had to face the death penalty.

animals were prosecuted

Most of the incidents of punishment of animals are from Great Britain. Because all over the world the citizens of this country are always considered to be civil and law-loving. The incident of public punishment of a cat in 1462 is also noteworthy. The cat attacked a baby sleeping in the crib, causing him to suffocate. The cat was produced in the court and was eventually hanged in a public place.

animals were prosecuted

Once a spoiled lamb was prosecuted in Russia. That sheep used to injure people by beating them. But in that decision, he was only sentenced to be expelled from the country. Then, Lamb had to cross the borders of the country.


The funniest incident is from France. Once in France, a goat was punished for the death penalty. But while being punished, all the papers related to it fell in the goat’s mouth and she ate them. And thus she became free due to lack of paper.


All this was according to the earlier belief that animals were also given the same rights as humans. Now, this recognition has been abolished, and animals were not prosecuted. Now pets have only the right of their owner. And because of the scarcity of animals, killing them is considered a crime.

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