Monday, May 29

Do Not Sell Electronic Devices In The Junk

The world of technology has come a long way today. We can also give credit for this to Corona because Because the technology which was probably going to come after 5 years, has come only because of Corona.  But as much as technology has advantages, it can also be harmful.  Nowadays people keep all their databases on their mobile or laptop.  And if ever the phone or laptop gets damaged then people sell electronic devices in the junk.  Electronic devices sold in junk can also harm you.

not sell electronic devices

Why You Should Not Sell Electronic devices ?

The Loni Police and Crime Branch of Ghaziabad have got a piece of important information about this.  Some members of a gang sent to China to steal MODEMs and network cards from mobile towers have been traced. These people were illegally sending them to China by stealing electronic devices from the junk. Although no data remains secure in MODEM and network cards, data can be stolen from hard disks. 

According to experts, people sell electronic devices such as mobiles, computers, laptops in junk when they get damaged.  Data is saved on these devices.  Phone number, bank account information, email password, photos, videos, all the data of various social apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. are saved in this.  If someone wants, then using all this data can harm anyone. 

Everyone needs to be aware of this matter. Whenever a phone or laptop is damaged, format it before selling it to junk.  Dismantle hard disk when selling CPU and break hard disk, motherboard into pieces when selling laptop. With this, there will be no possibility of your data being stolen. 

not sell electronic devices

Government departments have a policy to protect electronic devices. They never sell any device to junk.  Government departments keep such devices safe with them in case of failure. Common man should also be aware in this regard. 

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