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Different Seasons in Different Part of World

Have you even wonder why different places in the world has different seasons? I will give you the explanation. India’s season is divided into mostly in three season- summer, winter and rainy season. Summer season comes in March to June, rainy season comes in July to October and winter season comes November to February. This is the approx. ratio of India. At the equator, the area near India is unique in that dominant westerly winds occur at the surface almost constantly throughout the year.This summer season heat will be more, take good care of your health That’s why, Indian season is based mostly on monsoon.

Different seasons

Different seasons In world

Tropical region of Africa and South America get rain. Europe’s season is divided into four season- spring, summer, autumn and winter. Less heat also brings more rain in Europe. The climate of India is mostly hot but it is cold in Shimla like places. In Europe there is also summer season but not as scorching as India.

Different seasons

Now why seasons are different in different places?

The reason is that our earth revolves round the sun and rotates its axis also. Seasons are changeable because the earth which is revolving round the sun is a little oblique. Gravitational force of sun and moon attracts it. That’s why earth receives sunlight sometime on region of north and sometime on south. When north region receives more sunlight then there is summer season on that region and south region receives less sunlight then there is winter season on that region and vice-versa. In summer season, when there is more heat then evaporation starts and steam become clouds.  After formation of cloud, rain starts. There can be also some other reason for changing season. Those are some external factors like distance of earth from sun of different places.

Every season has its own value and importance. According to DailyOm- “I give thanks for changing seasons and know they serve a purpose.” We should enjoy every season where we lives.

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