Tuesday, October 3

Gurgaon company launches feature phone at just Rs 399

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Gurgaon’s feature phone manufacturing company, DETEL has introduced its new model, D 1 Plus, at just Rs 399. Earlier, the company had introduced Deal D-1 for Rs 299, for which it has sold more than six lakh units.

Detel D1-Plus

Image: NDTV Gadgets

Yogesh Bhatia, managing director of the company, said that we are actually selling this mobile phone at a cost price. We have marketed other models and phone accessories for the other expenses and profits of the company under the Deal brand.

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It is notable that in the year 2016, Noida company Ringing Bell also claimed to sell the smartphone in the name of ‘Freedom 251‘ for Rs 251, but he failed in this work later.

Bhatia added that DETEL, is present in the market since 1991. We sell our DETEL phones in the offline market. We first introduced the Deal D-1 model in 299 rupees. We sold six lakh units of this.

Bhatia said that his company is currently focusing on selling LED TVs, smart TVs at cheap prices. He is also exploring the possibilities of entering the Air Purifier business in the future.

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The company has so far invested 30 crores and has set a target to sell five crore phones by the year 2020. Now the company has created 140 dealership points across the country.

As part of the government’s ‘Make in India‘ scheme, he is assimilating them in partnership with various mobile manufacturing companies. Among them are Condley’s Sago and Noida’s Silijohn.

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