Tuesday, October 3

This Delhi boy draws Portraits of Martyrs and delivers them to their families

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We all have the desire to do something inside. But there is a slight difference in having a passion and doing something. There are very few people who do something like this in life. In this desire, A Delhi boy has created portraits of martyrs and gifted to their families.

See some work by common people for Martyrs like making Portraits, writing letter etc-

At times it seems to us that whatever power is there, which comes in the common people, and they stand to protect the country’s border by leaving their home and their families. Thinking about the soldiers deployed on the border, every Indian’s chest becomes proud, but we can not do anything for those heroes, regardless of our lives, for our safety.

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Some people have started the initiative to get some work done for the army personnel. Jitendra Singh of Surat writes letters to the families of the martyred soldiers in the army. Jindendra has been writing letters to those families since the Kargil war.

To do something for the martyrs’ families, Jitendra resorted to the pen. In the same way, the pencil was picked by Delhi’s Hutansh Verma.


Hutansh creates portraits of martyrs and brings them to their families. Hutansh, an artist, is an Art Teacher at a school in Delhi.

Take a look at some of his work

portraits of martyrs

Huntansh made portraits of martyrs

Hutansh took a small initiative. Earlier, they used to contact the martyr’s families, now seeing their work, they also approach them. That’s the change. The work done by a decided mind is self-satisfaction. Horoscope is the motivation for all of us that we can do anything if we want.

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