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Friday, January 27

Deepak Dalal: A Book Writer For Children

Despite having no formal education in literature and natural science, Deepak Dalal brought the miraculous experiences of exploring nature to the children through his books. Deepak Dalal is very fond of bird and wildlife photography, travel, windsurfing, and sailing. All these interests enrich his writings. Very few people take up writing children’s books as a profession. This option is quite different from the normal professions like computer engineering, medicine, accounting, etc.

Deepak dalal

Early life of Deepak Dalal

Deepak did his early studies in Lovedale, Ooty. After that, he earned a degree in Chemical Engineering. Deepak’s family was in the engineering industry, so he also made it his profession without thinking. While studying engineering, his attention was drawn to the magazines of National Geography, Sanctuary, and BNHS. He found great satisfaction in sharing his love of nature with other people, especially children. So after being a miserable engineer for many years, he made his decision. He adopted a new profession in which he found happiness and satisfaction.

Deepak Dalal ji

Adopting a new profession was a difficult task, but Deepak accepted the challenge. He was inspired and encouraged by the birds of nature and wildlife. He has been attracted by the outside world from the very beginning. One can have a close relationship with nature while hiking, mountain climbing, sea trips, and windsurfing. Deepak Dalal speaks of nature that- “small and simple things used to fascinate my mind, like a few small drops of dew shining like pearls on a spider’s web. When the sun’s rays pass through these droplets, they form hundreds of tiny rainbows.  The captivating shade and redness of the sunset always draw me towards it. The magical spectacle of the changing seasons continues forever. Slowly the earth takes off the brown dupatta and wraps it with a green sheet. It has always fascinated me how animals and plants mold themselves according to this natural cycle”.

Deepak dalal

When did he begin to love birds?

Deepak has always been fascinated by animals. Earlier, they have considered the birds to be the only creatures that make noise on the trees for a long time. He had first observed the Raktasana Bulbul, the Red-wintered bulbul very carefully, and identified it from The book of Indian Birds by Dr. Salim Ali. After that, he started enjoying watching birds with binoculars. Then the same noisy birds started liking them.

With the help of different lenses, he used to see the dark blue feathers of the sunbird shimmering in the sun. With the help of binoculars, he was looking at the moon-like eye of the full moon of a bird named White Eye. Along with this, he also enjoyed the shade of colors of the golden-backed woodpecker. He also began to recognize the difference between the birds. Bird watching brought much happiness in his life and it is one such hobby which he recommends to all the people of the younger generation. It is an interest that brings deep satisfaction as well as mental satisfaction.

Dipak dalal

Why did Deepak Dalal start writing for children?

According to him, there are many reasons for this. It is a pity that there is an acute shortage of writers for children in India. The number of stories written on nature especially for young children is almost negligible. Because many children live in large, crowded cities, they rarely get a chance to meet or learn about nature directly. In school education, keeping other things aside, the whole emphasis is on getting good marks. Deepak’s stories try to fill this gap. He tries to provide a strong base through his stories.


He says -“I also emphasize another side in my stories. Through them, I throw light on the diversity of the country. There are so many beautiful and delightful places in India. There are coral islands in Lakshadweep. Arunachal and Bengal have rain forests and the states of Sikkim, Himachal, and Kashmir lie in the lap of the Himalayan Mountains. This is an endless list. Ladakh, Andaman Islands, Thar Desert, Sanctuary, and our long coastline. We are very fortunate to have a wide variety of people, places, birds, and animals. My stories are never set against the backdrop of the city. His background is always a beautifully remote part of the country. I hope that after reading these stories you will get information about these areas of the country”.

A writer deepak dalal

Deepak Dalal’s stories have only one purpose – to inculcate a love of nature in children and to open their minds about this indiscriminate destruction of wildlife. Because this destruction will be inherited from one generation to the next.

The name of the book written by Deepak Dalal for children

Lakshadweep adventure
  • Lakshadweep Adventure
  • Ranthambhore Adventure
  • Feathers tales
  • Vikram Aditya Story
  • The snow leopards
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