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Death Anniversary Special Martin Luther King: Obama’s Presidency Became a Reality Due to His Dream

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American history can be divided into two parts. One before Martin Luther an one after him. Martin Luther King Jr is the protagonist of the American Civil Rights Movement. Born on January 15, 1929, King won the Nobel Prize in Peace at the youngest age in 1964. His anti-racial agitation had made the people so angry that in April 1968 he was murdered.

Martin Luther King


Martin Luther King History-

The King who is a PhD on ‘Different Perceptions of God’ is called Gandhi of America. MLK spoke of nonviolence in the country. In 1961, King Martin Luther was sentenced to 45 years in prison. But after fear of unrest, he was released after 3 days. King gave a speech in the name of ‘Beyond Vietnam’. His speech in 1963, ‘I Have a Dream’ is still repeated and read in the world. We teach you some parts of this historic I Have a Dream speech.

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We will not be satisfied until a Negro, a statement of police, will continue to be a victim of panic and vandalism. We will not be satisfied until we are being returned from the highways and hotels of the city, despite the turmoil of any trip.

We will not be satisfied till then, until a Negro is out of the rot of a small settlement and does not go into a good environment. We will not be satisfied until our children will be degraded by putting a board of ‘only for the whites’, hurting their dignity.

We will not be satisfied until the Negro living in Mississippi can not vote, and as long as Negro living in New York thinks he does not have any choice for which he will vote. No, no, we are not satisfied and we will not be satisfied until justice does not seem like water and the truth flows like a fast river.

I have a dream even after all the difficulties of my friends, today and tomorrow. This is a deeply acclaimed dream in the roots of America’s dream. My dream is that the country will stand and live the true meaning of its race. We will really be such that all humans are one. My dream is that the sons of the old slaves and the children of their owners sit together on a fraternity table on a hill in Georgia. My dream is that my four small children will be identified not by their color and nose, but by their character. I have a dream.

martin luther king dream


Today I have a dream!

My dream is that once every valley will be filled, every mountain will become small and the rugged will become flat. Then the glory of God will appear and all the people will see him together. That’s our hope. With this confidence I will go back to South. By the belief that we will be able to pull the stone of hope by carving the mountains of despair. With the belief that we will be able to convert the noise of the fight into the music of brotherhood. With the belief that we will be able to work together, will be able to worship, will be able to go to jail, will be able to stand together for independence, knowing that we will be free one day.

martin luther king jr death


On March 29, 1968, the King went to Tennessee to meet people seeking better treatment On April 3 there he delivered the speech. On the morning of April 4, the King stood outside the balcony of the room number 306 of ‘Lorraine Motel’. And one bullet silenced the King. But the death of the King gave a new height to the Civil Rights Movement. At the age of 39, Martin Luther King Jr has been able to give as much as he has given to the world. When his post-mortem happened, the doctors said that his heart condition had become like a 60-year-old man due to stress.

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