Sunday, April 2

Dawood wants to return to India but his condition is not approved by the government

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Once again, the market of discussions in the country is hot about Dawood Ibrahim’s desire to return to India. In fact, Dawood’s lawyer has said that underworld don wants to return to India. There are some conditions which the government is not ready to accept.

Dawood Ibrahim

Image Courtesy: Mid-day

Dawood Condition To Return Back In India-

Shyam Keswani lawyer of  Dawood in India said that underworld don wants to return to India with certain conditions. The government has not approved his conditions, which is why he does not want to come here. Keshwani, who arrived in Thane to hear the case of Dawood’s brother Iqbal Ibrahim, said Dawood’s condition is that he should be kept in one of India’s safest jail Arthur Road Central Jail in Mumbai.

Keswani further said that underworld don Dawood had expressed his desire to return to India even a few years ago. With the intentions of returning to India, he also spoke to Ram Jethmalani, a well known lawyer of the country, but he could not even talk about the matter that time.

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Prior to Keshwani, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena’s President Raj Thackeray also told similar things six months ago. He had said that Dawood is now very sick and he wishes to return to India.

He is the main accused in 1993 Mumbai Blasts

dawood 1993 Mumbai Blasts

Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim is the main accused in the 1993 bomb blasts. He had left the country even before the blasts and went to Pakistan via Dubai. India has been saying for many years that Dawood is staying with Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI and he is running his empire from there. At the same time Pakistan has always been denying this fact.

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