Wednesday, October 4

Data Security: Facebook and Google Know You Better than You

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Facebook data security breach has become frustrating across the country. User’s data on Facebook is not secure. The third party uses it for its own sake. In the last few days, Facebook has been damned much and now Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has to appear before the US Congress.

Data Security


Facebook Data Security – Latest Data Breach

The biggest question that has arisen in this debate is that how much of our data is safe? In addition to our email ID and basic information, there is a record of our interest and search. Ads like weight loss, hair growth, lifestyle companies or automobiles etc are delivered to you according to your search history.

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But scary thing is that Google and Facebook do not have the same information, they have penetrated so deep into our lives through our computer systems and mobile that we are barely in control of this data and there is no way to avoid it.

During this debate, you will have to read a little bit about how these companies steal your data and misuse it, but now a person has come up with so many details. You will be surprised that your smallest information and data is with Google and  Facebook, even after you delete and we are the most oblivious of this.

Technical consultant and web developer Dillon Karen explained how this theft is done.

Here are some of the essential things we are talking about here, prepare yourself –

– If you have turned on location on your phone, whenever you turn on your phone, Google stores your location. When you turn on location, Google gets to know where you are going. Google gets all these information about how long and when you arrive at your location.

– Google keeps your search history data, whether you’ve searched on any device, Google keeps all the data. Even if you delete, your data remains on different devices. Ads are displayed on the basis of this basis. Facebook also keeps your search history and shows you things according to your interest.

– What apps do you use, how much you use, where to use, who you talk to, etc., Google stores all the information.

– Even what stickers you used on Facebook, whom you sent, sent when it was ready.

– The data from which device, where and when you logged in on Facebook, its data is also stored.

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Google also knows your YouTube history. According to your interest, the kind of videos you have seen, according to you, Google recognizes you, understands your ideology and ideological inclination.

– Dillon reported that Google offers the option to download stored data and their file is 5.5 GB. Facebook also gives the option of downloading data.

– Google uses your phone to access your emails, contacts, Google Drive files, bookmarks, YouTube videos. Photos taken from the phone, shopping details, details of things purchased, calendars, location history, music, Google Books, Google Groups etc.

– Who sent you a message or a file, when sent, whose message came, all these information is stored by Google even your all audio messages and contacts.

– Anytime you connect to your Facebook application, their data is stored.

-If your device has Windows 10 installed, the options for entry in your data remain by default.

Dillon also wrote that it is one of the strange things of Modern Age that we do not want to share information with governments or any corporation, but we have provided all our information to social media companies.

So if you think that you do anything on your phone and it remains to you then you are wrong. Unknowingly Google and Facebook know us better than us.

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