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Know Everything About Cybercrime

The use of technology is increasing day by day. Everything is going online like study, shopping, marketing, etc. But with increasing the use of Technology, there is also increasing cybercrime. Cybercrime knew as cyber fraud or cyberattack. Cybercrime is a crime in the field of technology of the digital world. As the computer and internet are developing so is the cybercrime progress. You should know that the crime which occurs by the medium of the internet is, theft of credit card, stalking someone, fraud calls, blackmailing, online fraud, etc. These are the criminal activities out using the internet.


Cybercrime in your mobile

If you have a mobile then that mobile is enough to know your details. Even if you are not entered the details in your mobile still they can know. But let me clear one thing that it is legal because phones and mobiles and also sims which we are using, registered by the government. Those companies do have not any right to interfere in your personal life. And if anyone interferes in your personal life then that will be illegal and legal action can be taken against him.

To know your data and personal information without your permission is a cybercrime.

cyber crime

To secure your life and your data in the digital world, the following provision has been given in the IPC (Indian Panel Code) related to cybercrime.

  • IPC Section 503 for sending threatening messages through email.
  • IPC Section 463 for using fake electronic records.
  • IPC Section 463 for stalking someone’s email.
  • IPC Section 402 for using fake website
  • Arms Act for online purchase and sale of weapons.

If someone spread cyber terrorism or is involved in this type of crime then he could be sentenced to life imprisonment.

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