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CWG 2018: 1954, India and Pakistan participated after independence

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In the year 1954, Canada once again got the chance to host Commonwealth Games. But this time, instead of hosting Hamilton, Vancouver did. This time it was renamed British umpire and Commonwealth Games by British umpire Games. After achieving independence, both the countries of India and Pakistan participated in it. Apart from the Bahamas and Barbados, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda were among the first to participate in these games. Now India is scheduled to compete in the CWG 2018 .

CWG 2018


In these games, there was considerable achievement in the technical level. There were cultural events too. For the first time, these games were telecasted through television all over the world. In Vancouver, 662 athletes from 24 countries participated. These 24 countries sent 127 officials along with them. Total nine games competed in athletics, boxing, biking, lawn bowling, rowing, swimming, diving, weightlifting and wrestling.

England once again dominated

England succeeded in making its domination. They won a total of 67 medals with 23 gold medals, while Australia won a total of 48 medals with 20 gold medals. England’s Easy Thompson set records in 100 kilometers of biking This time, there were 92 gold medals at stake. South Africa won 35 medals with 16 gold, while Canada got 43 medals with nine gold.

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Memorable miracle mile- Now waiting for CWG 2018

These games are also remembered for the Miracle Mile (one km race). The match was between England’s gold medalist Roger Bannister and Australia’s John Landy. This was the first time when both the participating athletes were supposed to take less than four minutes. Another memorable thing about these games was the marathon race. Jim Patras, who took the best time in the world at the time, entered the stadium 17 minutes before his closest opponent, but the final lapsed in the lap and could not complete the race.

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