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Cross Pollination – The Fusion of the Fashion World.

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Fusion in food, jewellery, music, films, home décor and now fashion. Cross Pollination has led designers to drive creativity to new heights. The coming closer of the nations is marked by this trend of cross pollination which has given way to breeds which were previously unthinkable.

cross pollination trend


Cross Pollinated Indian Textiles in Fashion World-

‘Cross Pollination’- The new catchword in Fashion world where traditional fabrics meet modern cuts and patterns, cultural celebrations become global trends and the fashion world catalogue is getting bigger and better and we are not complaining.

Cross Cultural Values and Cross Pollination-
With geographically diminishing boundaries among nations and cultural amalgamations, the fashion world is witnessing a change it has never experienced before. With fashion not getting limited to Bollywood or fashion weeks the liberty to mix and match and create latest fashion dresses has become a trend of sorts.

Indian fashion designers have beaten their own targets and have carved a niche for themselves on the world fashion ramp. The diverse textiles of our country have given these flag bearers of the fashion world  the opportunity to cross pollinate Indian textiles with western fashion trends and create a new breed in fashion applauded by the world which is slowly and steadily waking up to the rich cultural and weaves heritage of India.

Cross pollination fashion


Latest Fashion Trends for Women-
Chanel’s pre fall 2012 collection was inspired by Indian textiles. Marchesa”s spring 2013 collection was a tribute to Indian brocades and Saree. Indian fabrics are constantly being fashioned into international creations and refurbishing the western fashion world with some bold statements. Indian fashion savvy pack is also not shying away from embracing western fashion trends and the latest fashion trends for women have western wear with Indian prints and fabrics.

Certainly cross pollination is the Show stopper of the world fashion ramp.

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