Sunday, October 17

What is Coronavirus?

It is speculated that coronavirus is originated from Wuhan in China and it has impacted the public health worldwide is now a day is a part of our life. The first case was found in November 2019. Since then, it has spread all over the world. Even past 1.5 years, we don’t know how long it will be going.


The virus which mutate continuously sometimes in positive way and sometimes in negative way . Covid-19 is a strain  of Corona virus . Recently mutant of COVID-19 is very dangerous. In India, it is emblemed of second wave and it affects millions of people in just    10-20 days. It affects respiratory tract and  lungs and then block the respiration. People are dying without breathing.

We are in June 2021 and situation is not in our control. But it is not that we cannot control. Israel  is the first country who has control and then The America which is now mask free. So , I think proper management can control. Government of India should provide more facilities in hospitals and it need to be improve the medical facilities. People should also be responsible so that they will not lose their loved ones.

Mutation is still continue and scientists are saying that third wave of Covid-19 is coming soon. And if proper plans  would not available then we cannot stop this epidemic. So now government and people both should be responsible. Keep maintaining social distance, wear mask, use sanitizer or soap to clean yourself. I believe, one day India will also be a mask free country.


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