Saturday, September 23

Cool Features of The New Gmail UI

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Google, the most visited website of internet with more than 1 million search requests a day strives to work constantly to get better day by day. In this context it has been constantly involved in improving the features of its services to give users the best of internet browsing. The new Gmail UI launched recently on the 25th of April 2018 is one more step in this direction.

new Gmail UI


How to Switch to The New Gmail Design / New GMail UI ?

Users can get the new Gmail Id by going to the settings and type “try the new Gmail”. If you want to go back to your previous settings type “go back to classic Gmail” in the same settings box. Once the full launching is complete and users are fully accustomed to the new system, Google plans to make the new Gmail view the default interface.

Features of the new Gmail interface

  • The new Gmail design features a new sidebar, with the option of using Google’s calendar, Keep note-taking app, or tasks side-by-side with your email messages which helps you plan your tasks in an orderly manner.
  • Now onwards Goggle will start nudging you to start replying to your mails received long back.
  • The smart replies feature of the new google allows users to give quick and short replies to emails which do not require elaborate detail.
  • Bolder and bigger warnings for mails that look suspicious
  • The confidential mode does not allow the receiver to forward, download, print or copy the document and sender has the option of expiring the emails after a certain period of time.

How to Add a Snooze Button to Gmail?

You will find the Snooze emails button in the inbox in the New Gmail look on the right side of the mail along with other icons – Archive, delete, Mark as read.

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