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Constipation Treatment: Foods That Increase Problems

Nowadays, the problem of constipation has become common even in young children. All this also happens due to a bad Lifestyle and some bad eating habits. The problem of constipation can happen to everyone, whether it is a child, old or young. However, the problem of constipation is not at all such that it can be impossible to remove it. But if it is ignored, it can take the form of a serious disease. Because of this, other diseases can also develop in the body. Although the main reason for this is bad eating habits, the thyroid can sometimes be held responsible for this. So, Constipation treatment is very important.

Constipation treatment
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Constipation occurs due to less fibre in the food, due to which the stomach is not cleared. To clean the stomach while passing stool, one has to exert force, and because of this, the problem of piles occurs. So if you have a constipation problem, then you should meet a doctor or try constipation remedies. Some people say that they consume fruits, milk and other dairy products in their food, yet they have the problem of constipation. So for this today, we will talk about some such food items that give rise to constipation treatment.

Constipation Treatment


There is confusion in the minds of many people regarding bananas. Some people believe that eating a banana removes the problem of constipation, while some think that eating a banana increases the problem of constipation. Do not worry about this; clear this confusion now. According to experts, raw banana causes constipation, while eating ripe banana removes the problem of constipation.

White rice

Usually, white rice is used for food in most houses. According to some studies, white rice works to make the stool hard. Because of this, the problem of constipation increases. Constipation is aggravated by white rice because more of its nutrients and fibre are lost during processing. If you have a small child in your house, then instead of white rice, give brown rice to eat from him. There will be two benefits from this: one, he has already got used to eating brown rice, which will improve his health and secondly, he will not have the problem of constipation.


A person who has a habit of drinking coffee every day gradually starts having the problem of constipation. It also includes Constipation remedies. Coffee contains caffeine that hardens the stools. Apart from this, black tea and spice tea also interrupt the constipation treatment. Tea and coffee should never be made your habit. The habit of tea and coffee is harmful to health. If you feel the need, then you can consume it 3 to 4 times a week.

Dairy products: Constipation Treatment

Although dairy products are very good for health, and if you have constipation problems, then dairy products can also harm you. The amount of fibre in Milk And Other Dairy Products is very low, which aggravates constipation. If you consume milk or other dairy products during constipation, you can become a victim of a serious disease like piles.

These are some such food items that should not be consumed at all during constipation. And if you use these things in your regular diet, then start cutting them. That may harm you later.

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