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Stair Exercise to Climb the Fitness Ladder

When the fat to fit idea strikes our head, oftentimes we do not know where to start at. But guess what? The starting point has been near your sight all along and it was the stairs. One of the best things about stair climbing exercises is that you can do it at home or office or even shopping malls. All you have to do is skip the escalator or the elevator and opt for stairs. Doesn’t that sound like the easiest way to stay healthy? It indeed is and believes it or not today stair exercise is included in even gyms and fitness camps.

stair exercise

A  Guide for beginner to Start Stair Exercise or Stair Climbing Exercise-

Stairs Exercise Benefits-

  • Stair climbing exercise is a combination of cardio, strength and serious calorie burning.
  • Can be done anywhere, outdoor or indoor, take your pick. So stair climbing exercise at home is possible.
  • Stairs workout is fun and effective.
  • Great way to strengthen and tone your legs.
  • The only thing you require is a pair of comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes.

Proper Stair Climbing Technique-

The advantages are many and if done properly it is extremely effective. For beginners, stair climber workout is more interesting but there are some key points that one should keep in mind before you start with stair exercise such as:-

  • Warm up your body before you start with stair climbing.
  • Practice good form because if your posture is not maintained properly you might harm yourself and the exercise might not be effective.
  • Try using the bigger muscles of your body so that you don’t harm your joints and your legs get toned easily.
  • Remember to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Try to avoid spiral staircase since they might be troublesome. Look for long, wide stairs for exercise.
  • Stair exercise can hurt your joints hence; make sure you consult a physician regularly.
  • Start stair climber workout by slowly and increase the intensity gradually.
  • Challenge yourself but do not overdo it.

Stair-climbing exercise benefits your lungs, heart, waistline, and legs. This is a pretty powerful exercise that has been ignored for a long time. But now you know. So, what are you going to do? Hit the gym or take the stairs and climb up to a fit life?

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