Sunday, April 2


Climate change is the biggest challenge all over the world. This problem is increasing day by day. There are so many reasons for this, including human activities. Due to changing climate, glaciers are melting rapidly. Due to this, the water level of rivers and seas is increasing which will be dangerous for all.


A study of climate change

Scientists all over the world are studying to know the bad impact of climate change. They are also giving suggestions to stop this.  According to a study by the Indian Institute of Technology Indore, because of climate change, ice and glaciers are melting fast in the series of Himalayas. For this, the water level of rivers Sindhu, Ganga, and Bramhaputra which are originated from the Himalayas are increasing. The head of this research, Dr. Mohammad Farooq Azam said that the Himalayan river basin covers an area of 27.5 lakh squares kilometers. It has the largest irrigated area of 5,77,000 square kilometers and the world’s highest installed hydroelectric capacity of 26,432 Megawatt. The melting of glaciers meets the water needs of more than a billion population of the region, which could be greatly affected by the rapid melting of fragments of glaciers during this century. 


With the increasing water level, the existential crisis is looming over the areas along the beaches.  A recent study said that the sea level rise in Lakshadweep, located near the country’s western coastline, is expected to range from 0.4mm per year to 0.9mm per year. Lakshadweep, a group of 36 islands, is very important from the point of view of marine biodiversity. According to a study, rising seawater can swallow 60 percent land of these islands. Not only this, there is a possibility of heavy damage of the only airport on this islands is located on the southern tip of Agatti Island, due to the rise in sea level.


We hope that this study will useful in taking steps against climate change in future.

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