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Christmas Tree: Vastu On Christmas Tree Decoration

December 25 is celebrated as the birthday of Jesus Christ. The birthday of Jesus Christ, the Messiah of humanity, kindness, and compassion, is celebrated as Christmas. The Festival Of Christmas Is Celebrated With Pomp All Over The World. Earlier it was celebrated only by the people of Christianity, but now it is celebrated in all other religions also. It is believed that Mother Mary gave birth to Lord Jesus on this day. That is why this day is celebrated with great pomp among Christians. Apart from this, many traditions and stories are associated with celebrating Christmas. On Christmas day, some people become Santa Claus, who gives gifts to children. Also, there is a tradition of decorating the Christmas tree on this day.

Christmas Tree

It is believed that angels decorated the fern trees with lights and stars to celebrate the birth of Jesus. In memory of him, people decorate the tree in different ways on this Day. In Hinduism, Too, The Trees Are Considered Very Auspiciously. Many people believe that the Christmas tree also removes many types of Vastu Dosh. Let us see what the effect of the Christmas tree on Vastu is. Is it appropriate or inappropriate to place and decorate a tree in the house?

Christmas Tree Decoration Vastu

  • If you must have seen your Christmas tree, then you must have seen that it is triangular and growing upwards. It is considered a symbol of progress, success in Vastu. That is why it is believed that decorating the tree brings progress and success in life.
  • On Christmas Day, the tree should also be decorated with colorful lights. It is believed that by doing this, the age of children increases and health-related problems are removed.
  • By placing and decorating the tree, positive energy enters the house. Keeping it in the house keeps the negative energy of the house away.
  • According to Vastu, a Christmas tree should be placed in the north direction of the house. Because this direction is considered to be the direction of positivity.
  • The colorful stars on the Christmas tree are symbols of enthusiasm and excitement in life. If you decorate the tree with your own hands, then you will feel new energy and enthusiasm in life.
  • It would be best to use small toys to decorate the tree. At the end of Christmas, the toys on the tree should be distributed among the children. Doing this brings prosperity and progress to your home. Seeing the happiness of children, your mind will also be happy.
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