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Chocolate Day 2018: Which chocolate is good for you Dark, White or Milk?

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Gifting chocolate to someone is basically an expression of love, joy, celebration and gratitude. But for Valentine’s day, chocolates are the best. If you consider your love as sweet and delicious like chocolates, then you should show it by gifting your partner with their favourite box of chocolates. Chocolate day is the third day of Valentine’s week and people all around the world exchange or gift chocolates to their loved ones. Chocolate enjoys a wide appeal due to its taste and it goes well with almost anything and everything. It is proven to be good for health if consumed in small quantities on regular basis.


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Choose best chocolate to celebrate Chocolate Day-

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The benefits of chocolate come from cocoa. Cocoa is derived from cocoa beans. According to a study conducted by National Centre for Biotechnology Information, “Chocolate is well known for its healing properties and consumed to get benefits”. But as we all know, there are a wide variety of chocolates, depending upon the cocoa present in them. The most common ones are dark, milk and white chocolates.

Cocoa beans on chocolate day

Dark chocolates have the most amount of cocoa solids, milk chocolates have lesser cocoa. On the other hand, white chocolates have zero cocoa solids but instead is made from milk, sugar and cocoa butter. In some countries, milk chocolate is not allowed to call ‘chocolate’ due to the absence of cocoa solids in it.

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So, which type of chocolate is the healthiest option?

Dark chocolate is considered as the most nutritious among all the varieties, due to the presence of the good amount of cocoa. Cocoa contains phenolic antioxidants, flavonoids, including catechin, epicatechin which are good for health. Antioxidants can resist cancerous cells from growing and can also fight inflammation in the body. Antioxidants help in weight loss and are also responsible for the youthful and healthy skin. Hence dark chocolate wins out over the others due to the presence of more cocoa solids in them.

dark chocolate

As per the reports of NCBI, white chocolate’s main ingredient cocoa butter’ contains fatty acids’, analysing the harmful effects of fatty acids present in white chocolate, the report says, “Saturated fatty acids are the most harmful and its consumption has been associated with an increased risk in coronary heart disease. Saturated fatty acids increase total cholesterol and LDL” Therefore white chocolates are the least nutritious among the three kinds.

valentine chocolate day

So, this chocolate day gift your loved on the right chocolate and enjoy your day to the fullest.

Happy Chocolate Day 2018!

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