Sunday, December 10

Cheetah Will Now Be Seen In India

Cheetah is known for its amazing agility and speed. The scientific name of the cheetah is Acinonyx jubatus. It is the fastest animal on the land. It can reach speeds of up to 120 kilometers per hour in a short jump. In just three seconds, it accelerates to 103 kilometers per hour which is faster than most superfast. With the death of the last remaining population of the Asiatic cheetah in India, the species was declared extinct in India.


Cheetahs are about to return to the country after 70 years. It has been agreed to bring 10 African cheetahs from South Africa to India till October- November this year. Ministry of Forest and Environment has started the work to take International permission related to this with the help of the Wildlife Institute of India and the National Tiger Conservation Authority.

Preparation to bring cheetahs

According to the Wildlife Institute of India, seven to eight cheetahs will be brought in the first consignment. There will be more males in comparison to females. Because males are more likely to live in groups. The first abode of these cheetahs which is coming from South Africa will be Kuno-Palpur of Madhya Pradesh. Preparation related to this has also started in Madhya Pradesh. However, after bringing them to Kuno, they will not be released directly into the forest, but they will be kept in the fence for a month. Therefore, the officer associated with Wildlife Institute is engaged in finalizing the preparations.


The minister related to Cheetah Project says that many permissions have to be taken at the international level to bring cheetah from other countries.


Dean of Wildlife Institute of India Dr. YV Jhala said that Kuno of Madhya Pradesh fully prepares for cheetahs. Apart from this, three more sanctuaries have been selected for this where the next consignment of cheetahs will be kept here.  

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