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Charlie Chaplin Biography: Journey of a homeless boy to ‘King of Comedy’

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Charlie Chaplin was an one of the British comedians and actor.  He became one of the biggest stars of the 20th century. You will see various ups and down in the Charlie Chaplin biography.

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Full Name Charles Spencer Chaplin
Date of birth April 16, 1889
birth place United Kingdom
date of death  December 25, 1977
Death place  United States
Citizenship American
Parents N/A
wife Una O’Neill and others
Work area Comedy, Arts

Charlie Chaplin Life Story – Brief History –

Charles Spencer Chaplin was the greatest actor in the world. Charlie was not only a good actor but also a good man. Born on 16 April 1889 in the United Kingdom, and migrated to the US, Charlie Chaplin, who was famous worldwide, saw severe poverty. He was homeless and shifted to many places before getting famous. In spite of all these circumstances, this great artist continued to perform laughter for the miserable people. Charlie said while speaking about his misery, “I like to get wet in the rain because no one can see my tears”.

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At the young age of five-six years, when the children were busy playing, this great artist had started comedy by playing stand-ups in front of the audience. Charlie made his home a comedy school and his parents as his master. Both of them were well-known singers and stage actors of their era. One day, suddenly, his mother’s voice went away due to the poor health. She was badly injured by some things thrown by the audience sitting in the theater. At that time, this young boy, who was delayed a bit, was a little nervous, but with strong faith in mind, went on stage alone and took over all the shows with his powerful comedy. After that, Charlie Chaplin never looked back in life.


Charlie Chaplin was a successful comedian, actor, director and musician of his era. He did all the responsibilities of acting, director, screenplay, production and music from childhood to age 88. Charlie was one of the most creative and influential people of his era. He adopted the simplicity of all the ages and brought the comedy to such heights, that no one till now has reached Charlie’s level.

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During the creation of Charlie Nor Sherlock Holmes, he started her acting career with the role of a Page Boy. Then he started working in the Naty Tuscany Casey’s ‘Court Circus’. In 1908, he joined Fred Karno Company and won the viewer’s heart while acting as a drunken man. When Charlie was performing one program in America with is troupe, influenced by his acting, filmmaker Mike Seanette signed him, under which he was supposed to get $ 150 a week.

Best Charlie Chaplin movies Industry-

Charlie made his acting debut in the film ‘Making A Living’ in 1914. He decided to make the character of Litik Trump a reality on the screen. And he got immense popularity by playing this character. The following year he starred in 35 films. In 1915, Charlie left Senate’s company and started working with Sain Company. This company was paying him $ 1250 per week. During this time Charlie appointed his brother Sidney as Business manager.

By the age of 26, He had become superstar. Now he was staring in the movie of the mutual company with a package of 6 lakh 70 thousand dollars annually. Chaplin, along with Douglas Fifebucks, founded the United Artist Company. In the early twenties, his unforgettable films were produced, including films such as The Kid, The Pilgrim, Women in Paris and The Gold Rush.

Charlie Chaplin personal life

Talking about Charlie Chaplin , he married a 16-year-old actress Mindred Harris in 1918. This marriage could last for two years. In 1924, he married 16-year-old actress Lita Gray. Lita Gray gave birth to two sons (Charles Jr. and Sydney). In 1927 the couple separated. In 1936, Charlie did the third marriage. They stayed together until 1942. At the same time, actress John Barry sued Charlie, alleging that he was the father of his son. This has not been proved in a medical examination, however, the court ordered Charlie to repay the expenses of Barry’s financing.

charlie chaplin family


In 1943, Charlie married 18-year-old Una O’Neill. This marriage proved to be happy. Una gave birth to eight children. He continued to produce high quality films such as ‘Citylight’, The Great Dictator. The Second World War campaign against American communists began and Charlie was also targeted. In 1952, when Charlie was visiting Britain for the holidays, he was banned from returning to the US. Charlie Chaplin began living in the farm at a place called Wave in Switzerland. Charlie (Chaplin) traveled to America in 1972 to receive a special academy award in the last days of his life.

Charlie Chaplin death date-

This great artist died on the morning of 25 December 1977.

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