Chand Nawab Pakistan: Two Anchors Fight During Live News Bulletin, Video become Viral
Wednesday, March 22

Chand Nawab Pakistan: Two Anchors Fight During Live News Bulletin, Video become Viral

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Pakistan’s famous reporter Chand Nawab is one of the highly respected people in the Pakistani media. He is also famous in India due to his apperance in Salman Khan’s movie Bajrangi Bhaijan’. Chand Nawab reporter was there for a three-minute role as a news anchor. We are talking about him because nowadays, he had heated argument with his co-anchor on live television. This clip is getting viral on the Internet. The fight happened when they were shooting for news channel Daily Pakistan.

Chand Nawab

Image: Karachi News

During the news bulletin, both male and female anchors indulged in a verbal spat. These pakistani reporter were blaming each other. One of the reporter advised the other to come to the studio by keeping personal issues in the house. The video became the topic of entertainment among the people and quickly became viral over the internet.

Chand Nawab fights Highlights from the video

Male anchor – how will I do bulletin with her. She is saying that you do not talk to me.

Female anchor- I talked about accent.

Male anchor–  If you are having a personal problem then do not discus with me, do not you do it.

Female anchor– Mind your language!

Male anchor– what wrong did I said?

Female anchor – What tone are you talking about? Idiot

Male Anchor – Idiot? Tell her to control her language.

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We just want to remind you that all these conversations happened on live television. Both the anchors forgot their duties and indulged in a silly fight and were just reduced to a butt of jokes over the internet.

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