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CES 2022: Tech That Will Change Our Lives

The biggest consumer electronics show of computers has started. The name of this show is CES 2022, and it is being organized in Las Vegas, USA. The event is scheduled to run till January 8. In this event, tech companies from all over the world are showcasing their products. Many innovative products have been showcased during this show so far. Some of them have such unique technology that it seemed impossible to think and make. Such Technology Can Be Seen In The Coming Times. Today we will know about some unique technology of CES 2022.

CES 2022

CES 2022 Tech

With the help of the app, you will find your bag.

It often happens that you forget to keep your bag somewhere and then even after trying hard, you can not find it. The Targus Cypress Hero Backpack can be a good option for such a situation. This bag has been equipped with Apple Find My technology. It also has a built-in location tracker. If this bag is lost somewhere, users can easily find this bag through the Find My app. Not only this, if you are getting your iPhone, then you can also press a button given in the bag to ping it. The battery provided inside the bag can be charged.

CES 2022

The remote will charge via WiFi

In 2021, Samsung introduced the Eco Remote. A solar panel was given behind this remote to be easily charged by sunlight. Now Samsung has introduced a new Echo Remote. This remote is equipped with a Radio Frequency Harvesting feature. Its special thing is that this remote can be charged with radio waves like home WiFi. Under this new facility, this remote will be charged for the whole day. Not only this, a Type C port has been given inside it, which will allow easy charging.

Eco remote

Car to run 1000 km in one charge

In CES 2022, Mercedes has introduced a new concept car. Mercedes-Benz has introduced its new Vision EQXX concept car. The company claims that this car can be covered up to 1000 km on a single charge. The weight of this car is 1750 kg. The EQXX also has a solar panel on its roof. This solar panel increases the range of this car up to 25 km. It has a new Hyper Screen equipped with 47.5-inch 8K OLED technology. This car also has a TV equipped with high-end smart technology.

Mercedes Vision EQXX concept-35

Multi-sensor security system: CES 2022

Arlo has unveiled its new Arlo Security System. It is one of its kind all in one multi-sensor. The system is capable of performing 8 different sensing functions. It comes with an integrated keypad and security hub. The specialty of this multi-sensor is that it can recognize the movement of an unknown person, the sound of doors opening windows, water leaks, changes in light or temperature, T3 and T4 smoke, alarm patterns. It is 1.1 inches wide. It can be placed anywhere without hard wiring.

CES 2022

Shaking will charge the thermometer

These days the world is trying to fight Virus-Like Omicron. In such a situation, the use of thermometers has increased significantly in 2 years. In CES 2022, Baracoda has introduced Bcool Thermometer. It does not require a battery as it gets charged in a few seconds. It gets charged through a few shakes. After that, please keep it in front of the forehead and press it. It offers battery-free, mercury-free, and eco-friendly features.

Bcool thermometer
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