Thursday, October 5

CBSE Leak: 12th Standard Economy’s Re-Exam on April 25

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In the CBSE paper leak case, the first suspicion was overcome on Friday. Union Education Secretary Anil Swaroop came in front of the media and said that the examination of the subject of economics of class XII will be re-examined. Students should be ready for this. The examination will be held across the country on April 25.

Re-Exam due to CBSE paper leak-

On the same tenth, he said that the CBSE Class 10 Mathematics subject can be re-examined in July. He also said that the Tenth papers were leaked in Delhi and Haryana only. In such a situation, if the re-examination comes, then it will be taken only in these two states. They also said that CBSE’s prescriptions did not leak out of India, so the examinations will not be held again overseas.

Watch the video here:

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CBSE Paper leak case 2018-

In the context of the arrest in Jharkhand, he said that whether there will be re-examination or not, it is not being considered for the moment. Where there is no solid evidence, there will be no recruitment of exams.

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