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Cause Of Hair Fall And Its Treatments At Home

Hair is very important for one’s beauty. Whether it is a boy or a girl, their hair is their life. Don’t know how much money they spend to keep their hair healthy. Hair fall is the biggest problem facing hair nowadays. People use expensive shampoo and hair oil to get rid of this problem. Shampoo and hair oil have their place. Apart from this, there are some other reasons which increase hair fall. Today we will talk about the problem of hair fall and treatments. Also, what are the essential elements to fix hair fall solutions?

hair fall

Hair Fall Treatments

What are the cause of hair fall?

  • Nowadays people have included a fixed diet in their daily routine. Especially women want to lose weight to maintain their figure. But you will be surprised to know that excessive weight loss is also a reason for hair loss.  Because in dieting, a person is not able to complete a balanced diet and because of this, there is a deficiency of vitamins. 
  • Stress whether it is physical or mental can cause hair loss.  When a person is under stress, it has a direct effect on the brain where hair loss starts due to some hormonal changes. 
  • Any type of itching in the head can lead to infection. Head infection can increase hair falling out. Those infections that occur in the head are mostly due to gambling in the hair. Sometimes some fungus also causes infection in the head. 
  • Apart from this, there are some diseases due to which hair fall starts like Alopecia Areata, Lupus disease, Hypothyroidism, Trichotillomania, cancer, etc. When hair loss starts in all these diseases, consult a doctor immediately. 

Apart from hair fall due to illness, do not ignore hair loss due to all other reasons. Here are some home remedies for hair fall treatments and their regrowth.

hair fall and its treatment

Solution at home

  • To stop hair fall, including some food items in your diet that can nourish your hair. Include green leafy vegetables, sprouted grains, and dry fruits in your diet. Apart from this, eat some seasonal fruits regularly.  There are some foods that get rid of the problem of hair.  For example Carrots, green peas, oats, shrimp, almonds, etc. Also eggs prevent hair loss.
  •  Do yoga regularly to avoid stress. Yoga brings peace to both body and mind. The brain works well throughout the day so that there will be no possibilityof hormone change.
  • To protect the hair from infection, massage the oil at least twice a week. And keep the hair clean from time to time. Try to protect from dust, soil, and sunlight. 
hair loss treatment

If someone does not trust the oil available in the market, then they can protect the hair with home remedies. 

  • The massage of onion and garlic juice in the hair is very good. It provides essential nutrients to the hair. 
  • Wash the hair with water after boiling neem and berry leaves. It eliminates the infection in the head. Which reduces hair fall. 
  • Massaging lemon juice with coconut oil reduces hair fall. 

In this way, we have seen what can be the reasons for hair fall and what can be done to get rid of this problem. 

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