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Sunday, November 27

Camel Library In The Jodhpur Of Rajasthan

We all know that corona infection brought with it a mountain of troubles. Due to this, there was a loss of lakhs of crores of rupees. How many people lost their jobs which have not been found till date. Many children lost their studies which are being compensated even today. To say, online classes were going on, but this was only for those children who had mobiles. And what about those children who did not have mobile and even those who have mobile but the network is not available in the area. For this, a camel library has been launched.

In many such rural areas of the country, online classes could not be held due to a lack of network. But it is said that even a small ray of hope brings with it a lot of happiness. Some similar scenes have been seen in Rajasthan. In many parts of Rajasthan, children were not able to take advantage of online classes due to a lack of network. To prevent the loss of education of the children, the district administration of Jodhpur, Rajasthan, and the NGO Room To Read started the Camel Library. They took an initiative to provide education to the children.  For this, they started the library on a camel cart.

Camel library

What is Camel Library?

The camel library has been started in the Osiya area of ​​Jodhpur. This camel cart library will go to the remote area and provide books to the children. Apart from books, it will also provide other educational materials to the children living in rural areas. There will also be a storyteller with this library under India Gets Reading at Home. Apart from giving storybooks, this storyteller will also read and narrate stories to the children.

What are the features of the Camel Library?

This library has books for children from small children to class VIII. Wherever the library goes, there the storyteller goes. If there is not a storyteller, then the parents of the children can also tell the stories to the children. If the teacher is not available, then the parents of the children can also teach them. The camel library can also keep books in the schools where it goes. If a child wants to keep a few days to read a book, then he can keep it for 2 to 3 days.

Camel library

According to Prem Chand Sankhla, Joint Director of Jodhpur School Education Department, this camel library has been organized for children up to class VIII with the theme of “India Gets Reading at Home”. The corona pandemic has badly affected the education of children. Some children were so separated from studies that to date they have not been able to join them. Whatever the reason is, but it happened because of Corona. Under this project, those children can be brought back to studies.

To attract children for study

For such a village where there is no means of transport or proper roads, the library was started on camel carts because there is only one camel which can go everywhere easily. When the decorated camels and colorful books pass through the middle of the village, the children’s happiness knows no bounds. Among the books available on this camel cart, there are many picturesque books for children, which attract children towards themselves. These books will make their learning art more interesting. It will be an interesting experience for the kids too. Right now this library with 1500 books will provide books to children by visiting different villages located on the sandy shores of Osiya block till September 8.

camel library

A theme has been kept under “India Gets Reading at Home”.  In it, under the caption Room to Read, there is the theme of “Mai Jahan sikhana wahan” and “Nahi rukenge nanhe Kadam, Ghar par bhi sikhenge hum”.

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