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Buddist Ajanta Caves: Story, Paintings, Temples

The Buddhist of Ajanta has been a great centre of great scholars and artists. The unprecedented development of paintings at Ajanta in the ashrams of Chalukya and Gupta kings is worth remembering. The speciality of Ellora was sculpture, and the speciality of Ajanta was painting. Even today, in the temples of Ajanta caves, many examples of the practice of hundreds of Acharyas and artists can be seen. These cave temples of Ajanta are considered amazing in the world. Today we will know the story of Ajanta caves that is An Amazing Place For Historians.

Ajanta Caves

Ajanta Caves


It’s a very old matter. Two and a half thousand ago, a great man named Lord Buddha was born in India. Even today, high stupas have been erected at many places in his memory. He had started his special religion to spread his knowledge. That particular religion is known today as Buddhism. Knowing the wisdom of Buddha, many people became his disciples. These disciples built temples in many places of India to give Buddhist education. The cave temples of Ajanta also come in these temples. The place of the cave temple is called Ajanta.

Ajanta caves

The disciples of Mahatma Buddha wanted to stay away from the world’s people. So they chose the forest and the mountains for their stay. The devotees of Lord Buddha, who were very rich, got the mountains and caves cut down and built temples. Small cells were also built for the disciples to lay penance. Big temples were built in the caves for worshipping.


Ajanta caves were built by cutting caves and mountains in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Aurangabad is a city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. A short distance from Aurangabad is the Ellora temple. Ajanta has been constructed a few miles away from Ellora. This story is not from today but from many years old. It must have been 2000 years since then Ajanta was built. Before going to Ajanta, many caves are found. A thin river flows beneath it. There are 26 caves, and temples are also built-in these caves in which the idols of Lord Buddha have been installed. And this is called the temple of Ajanta. The artisans and labourers of that time worked tirelessly to make it. It is believed that so much effort was not made to build any other temple at that time.


The old civilization of our country is easily known by looking at the structure of Ajanta. There are many types of pictures on its wall. These pictures are made of stone. You will be surprised to know that these paintings were made on the walls of Ajanta for 1000 years and for these paintings Ajanta is famous all over the world. People from all over the country and abroad come to see these paintings of Ajanta caves. Many pictures of Ajanta paintings have been printed in books. Many pictures of it are also kept in the museum of our country.


Today, the responsibility of looking after Ajanta is on the Government of India. The Government of India has kept the Ajanta caves quite safe. The Ajanta Caves have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1983. The Ajanta caves and their paintings are repaired scientifically from time to time. A special type of chemical is applied to things not to get spoiled. Seeing the paintings of Ajanta caves, the people of India remember their old art. At that time, art had progressed a lot in our country. But as soon as the rule of foreign people started to establish in our country, in the same way, that art disappeared.


There are many such paintings on the caves, from which the greatness of Buddhism and the posture of Mahatma Buddha are also seen. According to National Geographic: The flow of faith was such that, for centuries, almost all Buddhist temples, including Ajanta, were built under the rule and patronage of the Buddhist faith of that time.

Buddism Ajanta caves
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