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Brihadishvara Temple Of Thanjavur Or Tanjore

There are many big Temples Built In South India. The beauty of the temples adorned with high tall, beautiful Kalash is worth seeing. The famous Thanjavur temple in Chennai is one of these temples. Tanjore is situated on the banks of river Kaveri, 218 miles from Chennai by rail. There are 2 forts in Tanjore. One fort is big, and the other is small. The Brihadishvara temple of Thanjavur is built in a small fort. Let us now know about the Brihadishvara temple architecture.

Brihadishvara Temple Of Thanjavur
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The architecture of the Brihadishvara temple has a strange story of its own. It is said that a king named Rajarajeshwar of the Chola dynasty saw a dream. In the dream, he was ordered,” I have a great deity in the Saket linga in the Narmada river and bring it and establish it”. It is said that the king brought the idol from the river Narmada and then installed that idol and built a temple. It took 7 years for the construction of this temple. This place is in the vicinity of a mile. The Kaveri river flows in the south. This whole part is called Chhota Fort. There is a huge and grand temple named Brihadishvara Temple in this area. Its summit is 2 feet high. A golden vase is adorned on the summit.

Brihadishvara Temple Of Thanjavur

In Thanjavur temple, the weight of the stone on which the golden vase is located is 22 hundred manas. The surprising thing here is that there was neither any machine nor any facility to lift heavy stones at that time. Then how the stone of such a heavyweight would have been transported up to 200 feet. But even though the people of that time did not have the facilities, the power was plentiful. Because of this, their work never stopped. Many travelers from all over the country and abroad come to see the craftsmanship of this temple.

People are stunned to see the huge idol of Lord Shankar present in it. In addition, a unique atmosphere is created at the time of worship. On circumambulating the temple, it is known that two verandahs come around, in which rows of Shivlinga are installed. There are many other idols and temples around this temple. There is a Ganesh Ji temple here. The temple of Subramaniam is also nearby, which has 6 main idols of Kartikeya Swamy. On one side is the idol of Ranchandi.
There is a Shivganga lake nearby. This lake is very big. The water of this lake is red. It is said that drops of nectar were poured into this lake. It also has a different story.

Story Of Thanjavur

It is said that when the nectar came out during the churning of the ocean, Maharishi Parashar got a few drops of nectar. Maharishi put drops of nectar in the lake for public welfare. You get the proof of this here because Maharishi Parashar’s place has been made at some distance from this temple. There is also a mythological story related to the area of Tanjore where the Brihadeshwara temple is located.

It is also said that a long time ago, a demon named Tanjan lived here. Many other demons lived with him. When the gods and the demons fought, all those demons were killed. In the form of Neelmegh, Lord Vishnu killed the demon Tanjan in battle. While dying, Tanjan prayed to God, May my abode be called by my name, and it may become a holy place. Since then, this region has been named Tanjore by Lord Vishnu. Thus the Thanjavur temple located in South India is Full Of Many Historical And Mythological Stories. The mythological story of this region will never be forgotten. People also come from far and wide to see this temple to see the proof of this.

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