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Brief Introduction About David Livingstone

David Livingstone was a Scottish physician. He is also known as the discoverer of Victoria Falls. Apart from the search, he has also done many public welfare works.

David Livingstone

David Livingstone was born in 1813 in Blataire, Lancashire, UK. David’s parents were poor, so he had to work as labor to eat and read. When he was ten years old, he used to work in a cloth mill. Still, the desire to read was awakened in his mind. When he got his first salary, he bought a Latin language grammar book. He attended night school and worked during the day. It was very difficult for a ten-year-old boy to do both, yet he had a genuine passion for studies. He used to take school books to the factory also and take time out to read those books. David’s hard work and true passion paid off in the end. In 1840 he received the degree of doctor. Even after becoming a doctor, David did not understand his purpose to earn money. He wanted to spend his life serving the people.

When David Livingstone was sent to Africa for training by the Christian congregation, he had the opportunity for this. He got information about the living and customs of the inhabitants of Africa and then started the journey. David worked closely with the people of Africa. While teaching them, he used to think that his real job was to explore the unknown territories of Africa so that the discoveries started by him could be carried forward by others later.

Dr. David Livingstone

David Livingstone’s first voyage.

David’s first significant trip took place in 1849. The journey was in the north direction. David had left for that journey with his two companions. He was the first person to cross the Kalahari desert and reach Nagami Lake. David arrived at Setheki (Zebezi) in 1851. People thought that there was only a desert, but David Livingstone told everyone from his discovery that a river also flowed in that desert area.

David Livingstone continued his search. After that, he made three more important trips. His first journey began in 1852. In this journey, he discovered those falls in front of Zembji, which are today famous as Victoria Falls. After locating the falls, David thought it appropriate to name them after Queen Victoria. Near those falls is a tree on which David Livingstone had inscribed his name. That tree is still testifying to the discovery made by him. Every day millions of people from all corners of the world come to see Victoria Falls.

David Livingstone

Kind-hearted David Livingstone

After this discovery, the discussion of David Livingston spread throughout England. He became famous as an explorer. Then the British government entrusted him with the task of exploring East and Central Africa. Over the next five years, David Livingstone and his companions searched for high places near Nagami Lake and its banks that were suitable for settlements.

Doctor david livingstone

While David was engaged in the work of these discoveries, one day he saw a scene that moved his heart. In those days, Arab merchants used to buy and sell slaves. The chained Africa men and children were transported by ships to Arabia and Persia to be sold as slaves. When David saw those slaves, he decided that he would try to stop that inhuman and inhuman trade. Thinking this, he stopped there.

H.M. Stanley met David livingstone

On the other hand, due to the lack of news of him in Europe for a long time, it was assumed that David Livingstone was lost. The people of Europe did not make special efforts to find them, but a newspaper in America was more concerned about them. After all, the work that David Livingstone was doing was for the good of not only Europe but the whole world. So America sent a team under the leadership of H.M. Stanley to Africa to find David. He met David at a place called Ujiji on the eastern shore of Lake Ranganika. Stanley tried to recognize him and said that -” I think you are Doctor David Livingstone. This incident is of November 1871. 

Dr. David

Stanley was aware of David’s discoveries and understood their importance. He wanted David to continue his search. So he gave some men and necessary things to help.  From August 1872, David tried to carry on his work. But there were countless mosquitoes and poisonous insects around the lake at that time. David and his companions fell ill from mosquito bites. Finally, David Livingstone died on May 1, 1873.

Dr. david livingstone

David Livingstone was a gifted investigator as well as a man of extremely sensitive and tender heart. His heart was filled with the sympathy and love of human beings. He was praised even by those hard-hearted merchants who traded slaves. They used to call David Livingstone the great doctor.

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