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Greatest Boxer and Popular Pitchman – George Foreman, a Biography

George Foreman is known for his multiple professions as a former American Professional Boxer, an ordained minister, author, entrepreneur and popularly known for his George Foreman Grill. He first gained fame in the heavyweight boxing, using that as a launching point to become world champion and later the pitchman of George Foreman Grill.

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George Foreman Biography – Who is George Foreman?

Boxing most feared fighter from 1973-74 with 40 straight wins, George Foreman was born on January 10, 1949, in the town of Marshall, Texas to J.D. and Nancy Foreman. Life was not easy for Foreman in his early years, he was a needy kid and was bullied by other children. So he disliked going to school.

Soon he became a mugger and brawler and known for his brawling in the streets of Houston at his young age of 15. His fate changed when he was rescued by Lyndon B. Johnson in a program for impoverished children. Foreman life then moved to California where he met Job Corps, a Boxing Coach who set the foundation for his boxing career.

From Thug Fights to Boxing Championship – George Foreman Records and his Boxing Success

Boxer George showed impressive amateur skills in the early period of his boxing life. It seemed that boxing was on his blood so on his 25th amateur fight, he won the gold medal in the 1968 Summer Olympics held in Mexico City. He turned pro in the following year and won the heavyweight title against Joe Frazier in 1973 who was undefeated for a long time. His victory came with the second-round knockout which surprised the boxing legends at that time.

Foreman had an amazing record of 32-0 out of which 29 were knockout wins. Some of the noticeable opponents he won against were Gregorio Peralta, George Chuvalo, Charlie Polite and Boon Kirkman. All his wins were very impressive.

Ali Vs Foreman –

Rumble in the Jungle was held on 20th of May 1974 a much-anticipated match between the undefeated George Foreman and the challenger Mohammed Ali.  Foreman was on the prime with great punches and head movements, when he fought Mohammed Ali. Apparently, Ali won by knockout before the end of the eight round and made a massive upset in that historic fight. It was the first knockout in his professional career. Then another shocking defeat came in his career when he lost to Jimmy Young, a former professional boxing champion.

Foreman almost broke Young’s left arm in one of the clinches, despite his efforts, Young survived and dropped Foreman in the 12th round (The Ring Round of the Year) and lost the title. After that, he retired from Boxing and his professional boxing career came to an end.  Foreman soon became an ordained minister in Houston and founded a youth centre.

Then to a sudden surprise, after a decade later, Foreman again entered the boxing ring at the age of 38 with a successful comeback and a good win against Moorer to win his second boxing heavyweight title and became the WBA and IBF champ. However, he could not survive for long in his comeback, he was stripped off his title when he refused to contend against Tony Tucker and Alex Schulz in the rematch game. Foreman’s last match was with Shannon Biggs and he lost the match. He retired in 1997 with a successful record of 76-5.

George Foreman Training Programs –

When Gorgeforman spoke about his training routine, he said that his life is built around exercises with a 3000 square foot gym with stationary bikes, punching bags and different kinds of weight lifting equipment.  His training routine during the first career of his professional boxing champion included 35-45 min on heavy bag followed by 10 min of line jumping, 3 miles run in the evening. This schedule was followed from Monday to Friday. His second career of the training session was even much harder. He ran between 5 -10 miles in the morning session, followed by chopping of woods for 2-3 hours and 12 rounds of a heavy bag. In the post-evening, the training continued with bench press, weighted sit-ups and neck weight harness.

George Foreman Grill – The Most Recognized Health Conscious Grill

In the same year after his boxing career ended, he introduced to America the most recognized pieces of health-conscious grill care popularly known as George Foreman Grill. He discovered his talent for salesmanship and by the end of the era, he was making fortunes appearing in commercials.  George Foreman grill was considered to be the best endorsement deal in the sports marketing activity, the bestselling household appliances of all times. The Lean meat fat reducing portable grill marketed George Foreman smiling face as its TV pitchman and it was a huge hit in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

When Foreman was working as a boxing commentator in Memphis, he ran across a group of preschoolers. When he was introduced as a former heavyweight champion, toddlers recognized him more as a cooking man. It was one of the funniest incidents in his memory. He recalls that he is remembered as a promoter of George Foreman Grill and not a champion anymore.

George Foreman  Kids,  Family –

Foreman is a family man with twelve children, 5 sons, and 7 daughters. George Foreman family tree has a basic pedigree chart that starts with his parents Leroy Moorehead and Nancy Foreman and extends until his twelve children. He is in a relationship with Mary Joan since 1985. Despite his broken relationship with the previous four marriages, he is a good father always found time to spend time with his kids. He named all his sons as George differentiated by their middle names because he had a feeling that, there should be something in common.

George Foreman Book –

He has written books on “Fatherhood”. Earlier people saw him as a boxing champion, later an entrepreneur and now as a philanthropist. His “Fatherhood” book was written to give an imprint to his children and then to the family and friends.

George Foreman Net Worth and Ventures –

Foreman George has a net worth of $300 million according to celebrity net worth. Foreman earned his net worth through years in the boxing ring, as a popular pitchman in George Foreman Grill. His big pay came in 1999 when he sold his naming rights to Salton, the grill manufacturer and earned 138 million dollars. Then he branded many commercials for popular brands like KFC, Doritos, Meineke and a line of cleaning products that are environmentally safe and increased his net worth.

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