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Bollywood Food At Mumbai’s Restaurant

People who are fond of food, want to try some new dish whenever they go out to eat. If their mind gets bored after eating the same type of food, then they start looking for new dishes. For such people, today we have come up with such a restaurant, whose menu (Bollywood food) will make your mind happy, and you will like to go there immediately.


There is such a restaurant in the city of Mumbai, India which has the entire Bollywood inside itself. You will wonder what the connection between restaurants and Bollywood is?. But yes there is a connection. The name of this restaurant is Hichki. It is named after the 2018 film starring Rani Mukerji. You might wonder what happens when you name it. But knowing its menu, you will be restless to go there. Every single dish on its menu has been kept in Bollywood style.

Bollywood food

Menu of the Bollywood food

For example, Ulta Punjab, Kamal Karte ho Pandey Ji, Pappu can’t nacho salsa, Mona ko, Ande ka funda, Skewer ke bacchon, Hostel ka Maggy, Andas Apna Apna, Anda Kejriwal, Thakur double pe double, Kheema pav, Batmeez dil, Geeta Babita, uff uff Mirchi, Hajmola sir, Sharabi coffee, Kewda lasoon Biryani, Khayali pulav, Apne mutton ko Lagaan do, Laksa Dum Biryani, Tere mere bich me, Hichaki roll, The Kapil shawarma roll, Delhi belly, Roadside Romeo and many more.

Bollywood food

Apart from this, there are many dishes in the name of Bollywood celebrities too. For example Anupam Kheer, Parineeti Butter Masala, Shahrukh Naan, Alia rice, Salman Paan, Katrina Salad, Priyanka Kopra Chutney, Coffee With Garam, Chikna Ranot Masala.

Arjun Raj Kher is the owner of this hotel located in Mumbai. He says that the whole of Bollywood is in the heart of his Hichaki.

Seeing these menus, no one can stop themselves from going there. Especially those people who are crazy about Bollywood. So what should be the delay and relive the memories of Bollywood with food? After doing the food taste, maybe you also said this- Ye Dil Maange More.

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