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Wednesday, March 22

Protect Eyes With Blue Ray Eye Cut Lens

During the corona period, people are doing work from home, in which they are constantly sitting in front of mobile or laptop. Not only elders, but children are also doing their school and classes online through mobile or laptop. Due to this, they have to sit in front of the screen continuously. Looking at the screen for a long time also dries up the watery eyes. In such a situation, parents are very worried about themselves and their children’s eyes. Blue-ray emanating from laptops or mobile is very dangerous for the eyes, which causes problems like burning in the eyes and headaches. Such problems affect children quickly.

Blue Ray

Blue-ray cut lens

Ophthalmologists of many places say that 50% of the patients who come to them are children who have problems like pain and burning in the eyes. Since the corona is not over yet, there is a need for eye protection. The blue light cut lens is a glasses in the market which cuts the blue ray emitted from the screen and gives protection to the eyes. It is like a normal eyeglass, which can be easily seen without obstruction through it. Apart from this, it has an antiglare coating, which also protects it from UV rays. These glasses protect from the blue rays emanating from the laptop or mobile. There is no power in it, it is zero power glasses. It protects your eyes like a shield.

blue ray

Apart from the blue-ray cut lens, some precautions are also needed to save the eye. To protect the eyes, wash the eyes frequently and make children do the same. Do not watch the screen continuously, give rest to the eyes in between. If possible, get the children’s class done on smart TV instead of mobile. This way you can protect yourself and your baby’s eyes.

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