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Friday, January 27

Corona Is Putting Effects On Blood Cells

We all know that ever since Corona has come, there has been upheaval in the whole world. Whenever it seems that we will defeat Carona, then something new is heard. We know one effect of Corona that affects the lungs badly. Due to which there is a lot of difficulty in breathing.  Although it was not as dangerous in the first wave as it was by mutating in the second wave. Apart from this, many more serious diseases in blood cells, are happening due to corona. 

Blood Cell

Blood Cells

There are four types of cells found in the blood – RBC, WBC, platelets, and plasma. According to a new study, corona infection can also make a big difference in blood cells. In a report published in the journal Blood Advances, scientists have said that the risk of hospitalization is also higher if there is any problem related to RBC.

Due to changes in blood cells, the supply of oxygen also starts decreasing. The effect of this change can last for several months. And so many people, even after being cured, were found to be suffering from various other diseases.

Blood cells

 Researchers from the Max Planck Institute for the science of light have studied RBC and WBC. According to the professor of MPL, We have seen changes in blood cells both during infection and after recovery. We observed that there were clear and long-lasting changes in types of cells.

According to a study by John Hopkins Medicine, blood clotting causes pressure on the blood vessels of the kidney, due to which the risk of kidney failure increases.


This proves that corona brings with it many diseases. So try to avoid corona as much as possible. Otherwise, it can make the body weak in many places even after it is cured.

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