Tuesday, November 28

Know Why Bitter Gourd ( Karela) is Useful for the Body

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By eating green vegetables, the body can be made very healthy. With the help of green vegetables, many nutrients can be easily supplied to the body. Bitter gourd is also one of those green vegetables which prove to be beneficial for the body. Bitter gourd contains abundant vitamin C, antiviral properties. With the help of many diseases can be found. The immune system can also be strengthened by taking this.

Bitter Gourd

Let Us Know About Bitter Gourd Benefits-

Helping in Stones Pains-
It is very beneficial to eat bitter gourd or drink bitter gourd juice to get rid of the pain of the stone. Do you know how much karela juice to drink everyday? For beginner start by a cup of juice and then a full glass of karela juice in the morning on an empty stomach. To get rid of stone pain, drinking karela juice daily is highly beneficial.

bitter gourd karela juice


Stop Headache
Many times people face the problem of a headache. But if a headache continues continuously for a long time, then bitter gourd proves to be very beneficial. Grind bitter leaves for it and then apply it on the forehead. Doing this will get relief from a headache.

karela in headache


Knee Pain
By Karela can also be relieved by knee pain. Fry the Karela for it and bind it in cotton. After this put it on the knee.

Filling the Wounds
Karela will prove to be very useful for filling these. For this, brushing the leaves of the bitter gourd on the wound will heal the wound. For this, warm the boiled leaves of the bitter gently and then attach the bandage to the wound.

 Mouth Ulcers
If the mouth is troubled by the problem of ulcers, then it can be very useful in getting rid of these ulcers. For this add a little bit of clay in Karela leaves and apply it on the mouth ulcer. By doing so, mouth ulcers will be perfect.

These were some of the useful benefits of having bitter gourd. Hope reading this has benefited you. Share your thoughts in the comment section

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