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Birds In The Mountain Region Of Ladakh

The chirping of birds has increased in the happy atmosphere in Ladakh. Three new species of birds have come to Leh’s Hanle as guests. The team of Wildlife conservation and bird of Ladakh have conducted three surveys in Hanle of Ladakh this week. This team of Ladakh has done this survey with bird lover Sonam Choladon. Doctor Salim Ali: Bird Man Of India

These three birds were found in the survey conducted under the leadership of bird lover Sonam Choldonelle. Thus, three species of birds have come to the land of Ladakh.
In this survey conducted in the Ladakh, the Union territory, three new species have come, their names are Blythus Pipit (Anthus Godlewski) and Ashi Doronga (Dicrurus Leucophaeus), and Brooks leaf Wobbler. These three birds of hot areas have never been seen before. In this survey, the team has recorded the presence of 85 species of birds in Halne and the surrounding area. The marshy area near Halne is a haven for birds in summer.

Birds in ladakh

Number of bird in Ladakh

About 375 species of birds are found in the extremely cold region of Ladakh. Bird lover Sonam Chholdan says except for 31 out of 375 species, all the other birds return to their state after the hospitality of Ladakh. All these species also include the black-necked crane found only in Ladakh. In the last few days, the Black-necked Crane has been declared as the state bird of Ladakh.
After surveying the birds, finding new birds in Ladakh is very encouraging for bird lovers. Bird lover Sonam Choldon further told that most of the birds found in Ladakh migrate to other areas when it is cold. At this time, very serious work is being done to conserve animals and birds found in Ladakh. Because in Ladakh, many tourists and bird lovers come here to see birds and birds.

There are 109 species of birds of summer in Ladakh, the Union Territory of India. These species come to live in lakes and marshy areas. These species come around the upper reaches of Leh for breeding. Of these, 25 species of birds come from Central Asia. Sixteen species of birds migrate to Ladakh in winter. There are 150 species of birds that, after migrating from the extremely cold areas of Tibet and Central Asia, return after exhausting the journey in Ladakh. In the summer season, the number of birds present in the upper reaches of Ladakh attracts tourists.

State bird and state animal

During the campaign of conservation of wildlife in Ladakh, the state bird and animal here have been declared. The snow leopard, which roams freely on the snowy peaks, is now the state animal of Ladakh. The largest number of snow leopards are found in Ladakh. These snow leopards cannot live in temperatures above 10 degrees. Snow leopards are also found in Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttrakhand, Sikkim, and Arunachal Pradesh, including Ladakh. According to experts, its number is found between 200 to 300 in Ladakh alone. This number is good considering the overall nature of the mountains.

snow leopard

The same black-necked crane has been declared as the state bird here. For the very beautiful black-necked crane, the lakes mountainous areas of Ladakh are their breeding ground. These birds from Eastern Ladakh come in March for breeding. After that, these birds leave in late October or early November.
This bird grows up to 1.35 meters high. Its wingspan is from two to two and a half meters. The weight of this stork ranges from 6 to 8 kg. These birds are always seen in pairs. Often they are also seen doing courtship dance.

birds in ladakh

Animals and birds are already found in such a good population in Ladakh. Now there is a wave of happiness among the people due to these three new species of birds. At the same time, the number of tourists will also increase here, which is a good sign for the country’s economy.

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