Sunday, June 13

Best Strategy Games for Android

Android is taking a keen interest in the mobile gaming industry. In the race of producing better games for users, Android is ahead of every other OS in the market. Android is surpassing iOS as well. All games on Android are doing great but today, we’ll share the Best Strategy Games for Android.

So let’s get started with these Best Strategy Games for Android.

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Tactile Wars:

Tactile comes at the 1st rank for best strategy games for Android. I really like the game’s graphics. It’s a contradiction that is exceptional.  The characters have a sweet and very adorable look. Everything in this game is so colorful. You’re a general of an army and their paintballs will be shot by your troops.  Your palms will develop into a weapon of mass destruction. It is a MUST have game if you love strategy games.


Rebuild is a plan zombie survival game which costs $2.99 and contains zero in program purchases. It consists of expanding one’s place while fighting off waves of zombies through searching reclaiming land. Rebuild is an action game with a mix of strategy.

Clash of Clans:

Even after so many years, Clash of Clans is still in the best strategy games for Android list. It is one of the most played games on the internet. It’s not the game using a map of a world you have to find little by little.  Space is limited here in Clash of Clans.  Organize your town by clearing of the sea & the woods and then kill your enemies with your military.  You have to deploy your troops however although in each competition you can perform with a booty.  And not forget they can come and steal your possessions.  You can also use Clash of Clans Hack Without Survey to grab all the resources in the game as well.

Card Thief:

Card Thief is one of those strategy games that are exceptional.  It is a mixture of a card game and strategy.  Your intention is to move about to prevent detection.  You will have points that are stealth, gear, and much more to help you complete the level and stay away from the guards.  It’s a play period of two.  This makes it excellent for players.  You can download the game at no cost and unlock the entire version for $1.99.

Don’t Starve: Pocket edition and Shipwrecked

Don’t Starve, Pocket Edition is also one of the best strategy games ever developed for Android. It begins with you being tossed into the wild of some other planet.  All you need is to survive. You’ll need to gather assets, create things, manufacture structures, and even discover wellsprings of sustenance. It does as such with a fun flippant flavour. If you want an adventure game with some strategy then this is the perfect game for you.

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Final Words:

So here are the best 5 strategy games for Android. It was a tough job to narrow down and make a list of top 5 Strategy games for Android. If you think, there are few games out there that can outrank these top five Android games then feel free to let us know in the comments below. Thank You for visiting.