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Best Engineering Courses to Opt after 12 Standard

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Student life is a never ending stage, life itself is a process of learning. 12 standard is considered as the last phase of one’s school life. It is the time when student has to decide his journey towards a career. Maximum students want to choose best courses after 12th science. While planning, as student should take some things in consideration like job scope, interest and opportunities in the field. The article will give some understanding, rest is in your hands.

There are a number of career options after 12th science. Engineering and Medical is the most sort after courses among them. In this article, we will talk about all the Engineering courses that will help you get a bright career.

After completing the 12th standard, a student can undertake undergraduate programs like B.E or B. Tech. The course duration of these courses are 4 years. After completing you B.Tech, one may also go for master course in Engineering. The duration will be 2 years.

Best Engineering Courses

Let’s discuss about some of the best engineering courses apart from mainstream that will land you a decent job

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum engineering Courses

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This field deals with exploration and surveying of reservoirs, miming, extraction, processing, transportation and storage of petroleum and its products. Petroleum Engineers are mainly hired by oil and natural gas firms, chemical firms, oil refineries etc.

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Best Petroleum Engineering Colleges in India: IIT-Mumbai, ISM-Dhanbad, UPES (Dheradoon)

 Aeronautical Engineering


Image: Universal Group of Institutions

Aeronautical Engineering is the study of making, designing, maintenance and operation of aircrafts and its parts. The branch covers everything related to airplane parts.

Best Aeronautical Engineering Colleges in India: IIT Madras, BITA Pilani, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology

 Mining Engineering

Mining Engineering

Image: Job Mail

As the name itself suggests, it basically deals with the exploration and surveying of mines. Mining is mainly carried out to extract oils, chemicals, metals, natural gases etc. A degree in Mining Engineering will land you up in refineries, gold mines etc.

Best Mining Engineering Colleges in India: IIT Kharagpur, Himalyan University, SRITS Khammam


Image: Lopol.org

Biotechnology is one of the fastest growing and relatively new branch on engineering. It is the combination of biology, technology and engineering for enhancing our life. For doing this course you should have taken Biology along with Physics and Maths.

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Best Biotechnology Colleges in India: Delhi Technical University, IIT Kharagpur, National Institute of Technology- Warangal

 Plastic Engineering

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Plastic Engineering is the study of plastic products and its materials.  It mainly deals with processing and production of plastic products. Plastics products are used everywhere so; the demand of engineers are also there.

Best Plastic Engineering Colleges in India: Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, Maharashtara Institute of Technology- Pune

These were some of the best engineering courses which can land you a good paying job. Lots of other opportunities are also there to explore. It mainly depends on your interest. We just give you one suggestion- choose your career wisely.

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