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Benefits Of Giloy, Cure For Different Diseases

During the corona period, you must have often heard people drink a decoction of Giloy. Giloy decoction is Best For Immunity Booster. Giloy is a multi-year-old creeper whose leaves are like betel leaves. The leaves of Giloy grow up on the support of the tree. Different names know it in different places like Amrita, Guduchi, Chinnaruha, Chakraangi, etc. It is considered a great medicine in Ayurveda. The creeper of Giloy is often found everywhere, like forests, fields of fields, rocks of mountains, etc. Its fruits are small, round like bunches of grapes. When the fruits remain unripe, they are green in colour, till the time they are gone, they become completely red like blood. Today we are going to tell you about the benefits of Giloy in diseases.

Benefits of Giloy

Every part of Giloy, which is rich in medicinal properties, is considered very beneficial for health. The stem, leaves, fruit, every part of Giloy has got its place in Ayurveda. It does not have any smell, but it is pungent in taste. Let us see how Giloy affects our health.

Benefits of Giloy

Immunity booster

You must have come to know about the importance of Giloy during the corona period that what a great immunity booster it is. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants which also help in reducing radicals. It purifies the blood and boosts the immunity system. Apart from this, it works to keep the cells healthy so that there is no infection of any kind. It is used to purify the blood and treat liver and urinary tract infections so that the immune system runs smoothly.

Improve digestion

Giloy works to make the body’s digestive system run smoothly. Drinking amla juice mixed with this juice helps in improving digestion and gut health. It is very beneficial in improving digestion and treating irritating bowel syndrome (IBS). Control blood sugar Drinking Giloy juice with rock salt controls blood sugar levels. People who are suffering from diabetes must try Giloy juice once.

Relieves stress

Even though Giloy does not have any taste of its own, it is very helpful in making your mind strong. Those who are suffering from mental stress must consume Giloy juice. It also helps to enhance your memory and focus your attention.

Helpful in weight loss

Giloy is very helpful in reducing weight. If it is taken with Aloe Vera and Shilajit, it can prove very beneficial for you. We have mentioned above that it is helpful for indigestion so that it can reduce weight. You can consume juice made from it on an empty stomach in the morning, which will help you in reducing your weight.

Apart from all this, Giloy helps with many diseases. Let us see the benefits of Giloy in diseases.

  • Eye disease: Making a decoction by mixing Giloy juice with Triphala improves eyesight.
  • In Tuberculosis disease: Make a decoction of equal parts of Ashwagandha, Giloy, Shatavar, Dashmool, Balamool, Pohkarmool, and Atis. Consuming it in the morning and evening enhances Tuberculosis.
  • Vomiting: If vomiting starts due to acidity, then Giloy juice is beneficial in it. Mix 4-6 grams sugar candy in 10 ml Giloy juice and take it twice a day; it stops vomiting. Taking 20-30 ml decoction of Giloy mixed with honey ends vomiting due to fever.
  • Hemorrhoids disease: Taking a decoction of Harad, Giloy, and Coriander in the morning and evening provides relief in piles.
  • Urinary disease: Mix 10-20 ml juice of Giloy with 2 grams stone-Bhed powder and 1 teaspoon honey and drink it thrice a day, and it provides relief from urinary problems.
  • Gout disease: Taking 5-10 ml juice of Giloy with dry ginger provides Relief In Joint Pain.
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