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Before Eating Apple You should be Careful About This Thing

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It is said that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. Doctors also advice people to eating apple everyday to maintain good health. To remove the weakness after fever, it is advisable to eat apple too. Apple is known to humankind from a pretty long time. There are a number of dishes and sweets prepared all over the world from this fruit.

eating apple


Eating Apple Daily Is Good For Health ?
A shocking thing has come out about this fruit which a few people know. A study says that eating apple could be dangerous as it becomes poisonous when it goes inside the stomach. But the whole apple is not poisonous.

Which Part of Apple is Harmful? Health Facts About Apples-
Experts say that the seed contains an element called Amigarrglin, which starts forming cyanide a poisonous, compound when exposed to enzymes found inside the stomach. Although it is not necessary that this is true. But if ever a cyanide is formed then it can make a person sick,  or even death.

eating apple seeds dangerous


Cyanide in Apples-
According to science, cyanide is considered to be the most deadly poisoning by now. A person cannot tell the taste of the poison as it causes instant death. Amiglinalin is found in many fruit seeds, although it is less susceptible to fatalities. Nevertheless, we should not take any kind of carelessness. Now if you ever have an apple or some fruit that contains small seeds, then definitely remove them properly. Apple poison can be cause of shot dead.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop eating apples. Apples are good for you and it helps in the overall metabolism of the body. You can enjoy eating apples as usual without fearing, But, make sure that the seed is removed properly as it may cause problems to your health.

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