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Awareness About Rabies On World Rabies day

Today we are celebrating world rabies day. The theme of Rabies day is- End Rabies: Collaborate, Vaccinate. Rabies is an infection caused by the bite of certain animals. When an infected animal bites a human, the virus enters the human body along with their saliva. In the body, it causes infection through the blood. However, the risk of disease has reduced with the arrival of the rabies vaccine. But some people do not show seriousness after being bitten by an animal and get infected. Sometimes it is not clear whether the animal that has bitten us is infected or not. If this is ignored, the infection can prove to be fatal.


Rabies is a disease whose symptoms take time to appear. In some cases, these symptoms start appearing in one to two weeks, and in some, it may take months. Therefore, it is essential to treat rabies at the right time and thoughtfully.
Dog bites cause most cases of rabies infection in India. Apart from dogs, it is also transmitted through the bites of monkeys, horses, and bats. It spreads not only from animal to human but also from animal to animal. If an infected animal bites a healthy animal, it also becomes infected.

Take care of the pets

Rabies is not transmitted only by the bite of stray dogs, but your pets can also transfer it. That’s why pet lovers should get their pet to rabies anti dose from time to time. Most pets never bite, but if someone unknown comes, they can chew in anger. Apart from this, there is a risk of infection with saliva from pets even if they are licked with love. That is why it is essential to get the anti-dose given to the pet.

After rabies infection

Based on the initial symptoms of rabies infection, only after examining the blood, the doctor can know whether there has been a rabies infection or not. Due to this, the infected person becomes mentally very unwell and oblivious. It becomes complicated for the infected person to recover. Due to this, the person’s work, behaviour, gestures all change. Individuals become incapable of even doing their work. Therefore, keep an emotional attachment to such a person, do not get angry with them. Take care by understanding the pain inside them.

What to do after an animal bite?

If a monkey or a dog is bitten, immediately wash the area with soap. Clean the area thoroughly with antiseptic lotion. Contact your doctor without delay. The vaccine must be administered within 48 hours on the advice of the doctor.

What are the symptoms of this disease?

Signs of rabies infection usually appear within a few weeks to three months. Somewhere, its symptoms have been seen even after a year.

source: travelling doctor

  • Fever with headache
  • Excessive salivation
  • Zero practical knowledge
  • Mental retardation
  • Sudden violent act
  • Overly excitable
  • Make strange noises
  • Fear of water( hydrophobia)
  • Be lost in oneself
  • Limb dysfunction

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