Sunday, December 10

Australia’s Deputy Prime Minister resigns after allegations of sexual harassment

Australian Deputy Prime Minister Bernabeu Joyce announced his resignation on Friday after allegations of sexual harassment. Joyce tweeted, “I will resign as the leader of the National Party on Monday (February 26) and the Deputy Prime Minister of the country. I express my gratitude for the support of all, especially the people of New England. ” A woman had lodged a complaint of sexual harassment against Joyce, after which some MPs of the National Party withdrew their support. National Party MP Andrew Ge said on Friday, “Until I find clarification in the context of some problems related to Bernabeu, I will not be able to support them.”

Bernabeu Joyce


Australia’s Prime Minister bans sexual relations among ministers and employees

Australia’s Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull announced a ban on sexual relations among ministers and employees. This sentence shook the country. According to reports, Turnbull has condemned Bernabeu Joyce’s shocking decision on her love affair with Vicky Campian, her media adviser.

With Vicky, he is expecting a child. The Prime Minister said, “I have added a very clear and easy provision in today’s standards that whether ministers are married or alone, they will not engage in sexual intercourse with the employees. If they do this, then it will be a violation of standards.”

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