Wednesday, October 4

Attractive eyes makeup tips for beginners

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If you want to show your eyes more attractive, then definitely you would have to give some styles to your eyes. Here is some eyes makeup tips for beginners who can try it. This is your learning stage, so don’t avoid it and start your creativity with your eyes.

How you feel after doing eyes makeup?

Eye makeup gives you full confidence that’s why you feel good. You can choose eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow or all these things as you want. These things will give different different eye makeup looks. So be carefull how to use it.

Eyeliner Tips:-

eyeline eyes makeup

1.Don’t close your eyes. Just keep it open. Look straight into the mirror and draw the line with outer corners of the eyes.
2.when you are drawing the line, make sure you apply the eyeliner very close to the lash line.
3.Then use pencil eyeliner for smoky eye.You can apply this eyeliner at intial portion of your eyelid.
4.You can choose any color for eyeliner as you want. You will find natural eye makeup.

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Mascara Tips:-

1.After applying the eyeliner you can choose mascara. Apply the mascara from the roots of your upper eyelid.
2.Be very careful for your lashes from looking clumpy. Use mascara in required quantity.
3.Your mascara must be water proof that make it last longer.
4.Use lash curler from the root of your upper eyelashes and press for five seconds, that gives curly lashes.
5.Use tissue paper when apply the mascara at your lower lashes to prevent smudging your makeup.

Eyeshadow Tips:-

1.For beginners,Use a rounded shadow brush or your finger to apply it all over the eye area.
2.If you want to use the colorfull eyeshadow, then use a white pencil on the eyelids before. This tips makes the colors pop out,that highlights more.
3.For smoky eyes, use creamy eye pencil.

These eye makeup ideas are awesom. Try on yourself.

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